5 Popular Quartzite Worktop Materials in 2021

Five Popular Quartzite Worktop Materials in 2021
By: Maria Kairuz Jul 20, 2021 0 Comments

Quartzite Worktops. We get many questions about these. And we are so excited to be talking about quartzite today. Over the years of being a stone specialist, we’ve learned a lot about worktop materials. And also about the pros and cons of each. So in this article, we want to share some specific ones made from quartzite that we think you will love.

As we look at the worktops and some ideas for your kitchen. First of all, I must mention that quartzite can be expensive. This is because so many can only afford to put it on focal areas such as the kitchen island. But, even then, quartzite will make a significant impact in any home.

Popular quartzite worktop stones in 2021

With this, we proceed to recount five popular quartzite worktop materials this year:

Blue Roma Quartzite: it’s a natural blue stone, and it’s very durable. The biggest drawback is its cost. But you do get a gorgeous piece of stone in your home. Many quartzite stones have bold veining and just a unique look because it’s a full slab. Similarly, you’ll find that there isn’t a lot of repetition in the pattern. It’s usually a large-scale pattern because you’re getting an authentic slice of Brazil. In addition, a Blue Roma quartzite worktop has excellent heat resistance.

It is similar to granite in terms of not worrying about cutting on it because it is a dense surface. Blue Roma quartzite slabs come in large sizes. Its slabs can reach up to 3200 x 2000 mm, making it an excellent material to create seamless panels. The stone is also available in thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm, which you can use as worktops and splashbacks.

Blue Roma Quartzite slabs
Blue Roma Quartzite slab
Blue Roma worktop
Blue Roma Quartzite worktop in combination with natural wood cabinets

Quartzite can bring translucency to kitchens and bathrooms

  • Lumix Quartzite: Also known as ‘Crystallo quartzite’. This natural stone from Brazil has enough transparency to create backlit worktops and splashbacks. Lumix quartzite almost looks like marble as it is a natural stone that isn’t overly patterned like granite. Therefore, it offers more of a jewellery piece for your kitchen than the typical granite worktop you often see.

In addition, this quartzite can light up when it’s dark, creating a magnificent aura around it. Its drawback is its density which makes it heavy. Therefore, its fabrication and installation become somewhat complex. However, we love it for the look. And we think it’s an excellent solution for somewhere like a bachelor’s pad or a glamourous make-up station. We offer Lumix quartzite worktops in thicknesses of 18mm and 20mm. These thicknesses allow you to backlit its surfaces.

Lumix backlit
Lumix Quartzite backlit

The most popular white quartzite worktop products

  • Taj Mahal Quartzite: Also known as Taj Mahal White quartzite or as White Taj Mahal. It is an excellent worktop option if you’re looking for something neutral but can create a visual impact. We love the look of it. Again, it’s a natural stone. We are drawn to the fact that it is raw, natural, and in kitchens, it won’t etch like marble. Therefore, if you were to spill red wine or grape juice, or darker coloured liquids, the stone won’t absorb them. And it’s ideal in a bathroom. Especially in Master Bathrooms, as besides its pleasing aesthetics, its low porosity makes it a hygienic surface material.

You can find Taj Mahal quartzite slabs with massive sizes of up to 3450x2000mm, both in standard and book-matched slabs. In addition, you can choose from thicknesses of 20mm and 30 mm. Finally, if you look for a more serene style in your kitchen, you can select Mahal Taj honed quartzite worktop.

Taj Mahalclose-up image
A close-up image of a Taj Mahal quartzite slab
Taj Mahal worktop and walls
A worktop and wall cladding in Taj Mahal quartzite in a polished finish

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  • Super White Quartzite: It’s an off-white natural stone with bold patterns. Some slabs can look a little bit like a lunar crater, lending to its other name, ‘Moon Rock Quartzite’. In addition to these, the stone is also known as ‘Bianco Eclipse quartzite’ and ‘Bianca Eclipsia Quartzite’. The different names are associated by looking at the block of quartzite. And also when some aspects in other regions of the globe require locally commercial names . When it comes to aesthetics, the stone has a resemblance to marble. But it wears like granite. And we love this stone because it has that really raw feeling. Superwhite quartzite honed finish is also a popular option in kitchens. It gives them the bold veining look without overpowering the room. However, in most cases, this honed quartzite is usually a little bit more expensive. But Super White is an excellent mid-to-high-range option. It is a little bit more costly than some standard granite, but then, you get that more natural raw stone. You can avail the stone in large slabs, with thickness options of 20mm and 30 mm.
Super White close-up image
Super White Quartzite close-up
Super White kitchen worktops
Super White quartzite kitchen worktops

Mont Blanc quartzite offers the look of Calacatta marble without its drawbacks

  • Mont Blanc Quartzite: it’s an attractive natural stone that brings elegance to every space and room. It’s been used on floors for centuries. But it has recently become a popular worktop material in residential and commercial propertiesMont Blanc Quartzite is available in different slab sizes, exuding modern aesthetics and class. Natural quartzite forms on the Earth’s crust, and it’s composed mainly of natural quartz. Similarly, the stone is harder than engineered quartz slabs and granite.

In addition, quartzite can take the highest sheen amongst all stone finishes, providing a unique, glassy look to the ambience. Mont Blanc Quartzite worktops are available in slabs, ranging between 2700 x 1800 mm to 3200 x 1950 mm. This makes it a good choice for wall decoration besides kitchen worktops. If you like the look of this stone, you may wish to consider White Macaubas quartzite. It’s another exotic stone from Brazil with similar patterns to Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc close-up image
A close-up image of Mont Blanc quartzite
Mont Blanc kitchen worktop
A kitchen with Mont Blanc quartzite worktops and full height splashbacks

Quartzite vs Quartz

We mentioned that quartzite is harder marble. And because it’s not as porous as some marbles are, it makes it a tougher surface. However, quartzite is a beautiful stone, and it usually offers a lot of movement. So you may want to use it in just certain areas rather than across your whole kitchen.

With these examples about the variation in natural stone, you can see how much quartzite can vary. Therefore, when designing, make sure that you pick what you want in the exact slab you choose. And although there are cons to everything, we love that they look like marble. Its veining seems very natural and genuine. Unlike engineered quartz (which has come a long way), the manufactured material offers minor variation in the look of the stone when compared to natural quartzite.

If you wanted to see the different looks that you can achieve with these 5 popular worktop materials, you could watch our video below:


Although you are less likely to have it look consistent like quartz, quartzite is a very tough surface. And it is not porous like marble. Therefore, you can get the look of marble without the issues of staining and etching that marble has. Quartzite performs most of the time like granite. You can set a hot pan down right on there, and it’s not going to hurt it. It is more expensive than standard granite because it’s an exotic product. But it gives a unique look to any room in which it is displayed.

Thank you for reading our article. We’d love to hear which quartzite worktop material is your favourite. Or what stone you have found that you love in your own home or projects.

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