Kitchen trends 2021: Sustainable kitchen islands

kitchen trends 2021
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Kitchen trends 2021: Sustainable kitchen islands. With an island and sustainability, we focus on kitchen design inspiration in this article by The Worktop Library.

In this article you will learn about:


kitchen trends 2021 Silestone Arcilla sustainable kitchen island
Silestone Arcilla, from the neutral carbon range ‘ Sunlit Days’.


The kitchen has always been the heart of the house. It is a concept that we have put aside a bit in recent years. Mainly due to the pace of life and that kitchen increasingly reduced their size.

When I was a child, we used the kitchen intensely. In addition to having breakfast in the kitchen and we had snacks. We also did our homework and “spent our day in the kitchen”, where we also welcomed our closest relatives. A concept that returns with force thanks to the kitchens open-plan kitchens. It connects the kitchen with your living room (more than the living room, they open up to coexistence). And the concept of the kitchen-dining room. It consists of taking space from your living room area to make a larger kitchen, including the dining room space. But a beautiful one, in which we can eat both daily and also on special occasions.


Trends of this year through the kitchens of Kitchen Worktops in 2021 – in which when it comes to style, everything goes, confirms this trend. Whether they are classic, modern or elegant, they all have in common an island that connects the kitchen with the rest of the house. The other common denomination of the kitchens in this edition is sustainability, which we can see with more sustainable materials. Still, it is also the incorporation of plants into the kitchen. It entails having a small vertical garden that includes the most used plants in the kitchen. Hence many people no longer buying Parsley from the grocery store. Instead, they sow it. And the same goes for basil, thyme, etc.

The Urban Kitchen with stone worktops

kitchen trends 2021
Kitchen Trends 2021: CRL Quartz offers sustainable worktop materials with concrete-effect

The above kitchen has a central island where the rest of the furniture is organized around it, resulting in a practical dining room.

The island combines a piece of wood furniture and a countertop from CRL Quartz, an innovative surface manufacturer. The company boasts a collection of forty quartz designs to choose from. You can also choose CRL quartz worktops in thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm. One particularity of CRL Quartz is that they are the manufacturer that offers the largest sizes options for their slabs. This means that you can save costs and maximize your budget by having a small or large kitchen space. CRL Quartz worktops are cut and worked in detail for various applications: from the furniture frames and skirting boards to the foot of the dining table. Or using the rotating part as a serving hatch.

The breakfast bar is at one end, and its design entails a quartz kitchen worktop. In addition, we can place some chairs with boucle fabric around the kitchen island.

The most classic and timeless kitchen

Silestone Poblenou is another material that offers the concrete look in a sustainable manner

The above Silestone worktop transformed a living area into a kitchen that could be called “A kitchen on its own” because of the several uses that can take place on it, which aren’t necessarily about cooking.

Under several processes with natural, organic and sustainable materials, the R&D of Cosentino organized the kitchen island in three different thicknesses: in 12mm and 20mm that you can use to decorate the kitchen walls, and 30mm, for the central island. In all cases, they are combined with Poblenou, a quartz stone from Silestone. Silestone Poblenou is available in a slab size of 3250x1590mm. Indeed, the large dimensions ensure that you can create large kitchen islands without joints. In addition, this innovative surface uses ‘Q+’ technology in which Silestone limits the use of crystalline silica to a maximum of 50% and at least 20% recycled material.

Maintenance of the materials

When it comes to maintenance, the brand ensures that all you need is soapy water and a kitchen cloth. In contrast with other stones like marble, Silestone Poblenou doesn’t require special products. We can say that it is an example of a sustainable stone at its best. The walls are covered with polyurethane plates that imitate wood and is the same on the ceiling beams.

The combination of plants, wood, checkerboard flooring and the impressive under-mount sink create a timeless effect, almost as if time has stopped or doesn’t matter in this warm and enveloping space.

A minimalistic, sustainable and vibrant kitchen

In this edition, Compac, The Surface Company presents a line of ecological kitchen worktops–toxic-free–, bio-healthy and customizable.  Compac Obsidiana is the first surface created using up to 100% recycled glass, with the same features of a quartz worktop and with the superior aesthetics of Compac Quartz Surfaces.

With Obsidiana, the brand reinvents the kitchen surface materials by creating a new category: sustainable worktops. Therefore, you can add beauty to an ethical interior design approach.

Compac Volcano Fog offers a worktop that uses up to 100% recycled materials

You can choose Compac Obsidiana from many materials and colours, always bio-healthy. The client chose Compac Volcano Fog in the above photo, which features grey veins on a white backdrop. Among these surfaces, that of the sink and the tap stand out, both in black.


Compac Obsidiana boasts nine new colour designs in its collection, comprising marble and luxurious looks. Namely, Volcano Light, Volcano Fog, Volcano Grey, Volcano Dark, Volcano Pearl, and Volcano Black. But if you prefer to have some glitter in the kitchen, you can choose the Astral colours from the same range. Namely; Astral Lactea, Astral Titaneo, and Astral Azabache.

These materials are part of the kitchen trends 2021 and you can choose them from different sizes and thicknesses.

Kitchen Trends 2021: Compac Azabache Astral Quartz
Compac Astral Azabache is another sustainable worktop material launched in 2021

The island has an innovative worktop material that integrates a traditional-looking hob that allows you to include classic features in your kitchen. In contrast, its surroundings are minimalistic, providing overall design balance.

The end result of using this sustainable worktop product is a modern, vibrant and very cheerful kitchen that will give you a shot of good energy every day.

The best-integrated kitchen

Caesarstone has come up with the “Whitelight Collection” -a range of worktops that you can use indoors and outdoors. They are inspired by classic stone to create durable and low-maintenance products that support healthier environments. Also, they make better use of material resources, which defines the living room and kitchen spaces.

The Whitelight Collection from Caesarstone comprises materials committed to sustainable developments

The Whitelight Collection comprises nine designs, out of which three are brand new. Namely; Calacatta Maximus, Arabetto and Aterra Blanca. The rest of this collection comprises popular colours from Caesarstone Quartz: Frosty Carrina, Misty Carrera, Empira White, White Attica, and Statuario Maximus.

If you wanted to have a beautiful yet sustainable barbeque worktop, you could now choose one from Caesarstone. You can choose your kitchen surfaces from thicknesses of 13mm, 20mm and 30mm. In addition, you can choose from slabs with a size of 3040x1400mm or a Jumbo slab of 3240x1640mm. Lastly, you can choose from worktops in polished finished and also in Honed finish. The Caesarstone honed finish may carry a lead time, so it’s best to plan your surface when choosing this texture.

More about sustainable worktops for kitchens

If you prefer to create an impressive kitchen made with toxic-free materials and neutral carbon emissions, you can now choose colours from ‘Sunlit Days’. It’s the latest collection from Silestone, offering sustainable kitchen worktops and launching in the UK in June 2021. In fact, the materials offset the CO² emissions of their entire life cycle thanks to a partnership programme for the preservation of the seas, in conjunction with Mundo Marino, an NGO dedicated to restoring the balance of our oceans.

The Sunlit days Collection comprises five initial designs, inspired by Mediterranean colours.

  1. Silestone Posidonia Green: A pastel green surface with a textured finish, inspired in the meadows with the same name in Ibiza, Spain. You can choose this quartz stone in slab dimensions of 3040x1400mm and 3250x1580mm. In addition, the stone is also available in thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm thicknesses.
Silestone Posidonia Green Kitchen worktops

2. Silestone Cala Blue: When it comes to the Mediterranean, it’s hard to think about anything other than the sea, its gentle breeze, its vastness and its infinite horizon. Cala Blue is a deep and sophisticated blue that vibrates with the rest of the elements that surround it. Its texture feels like the caress of the sea. It’s available in standard slabs of 3060x1400mm and in Jumbo slabs of 3250x1580mm, which allows for seamless panels in large kitchen islands.

Silestone Posidonia Cala Blue is another sustainable worktop material from Sunlit Days

Vibrant colours in pastel shades

3. Silestone Arcilla Red: The brand says that the Mediterranean flickers with fire and blood seem to flow in some of its areas. Similarly, this was the inspiration of Silestone Arcilla Red. A red worktop material with earthy tones that brings about a sense of natural, oceanic relaxation. In addition, the Suede finish and colour of this worktop offer a unique tactile and visual experience for its users.

Silestone Arcilla Red sustainable kitchen worktop
Silestone Arcilla Red Kitchen

4. Silestone Cincel Grey: a fine-grain worktop surface with a silky grey shade, providing balance to any design. Its neutral shade makes this product an instant classic for any kitchen, regardless of style.

Silestone Cincel Grey sustainable kitchen worktop
Cincel Grey is another design from the Sunlit Days quartz range, offering balanced design

5. Silestone Faro White: Faro White is inspired by the Sea Lighthouses found across the Mediterranean seas. In fact, It depicts their natural and tranquil looks whilst offering a textured worktop surface for your home. You can choose Faro White Silestone in thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm. And just like its counterparts from the same collection, you can choose from standard slab sizes or Jumbo slabs of 3200x1580mm.

If you want to know more about the Sunlit Days Collection of sustainable worktop colours you can watch the introductory video below.

Sunlit Days sustainable worktop materials – Introductory video

Now that you know more about kitchen trends 2021, the latest designs and sustainable kitchen worktop materials, you can choose the favourite material for your project.

You can also get in touch with our team by clicking here, to provide you with more information and assistance about any of these materials.

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