Benefits of Free Samples

Benefits of Free Samples

  • Seeing samples before ordering your stone helps you achieving a striking visual impact. Also, it reflects the vision of your kitchen design before purchasing the product.
  • Samples come from the same manufacturers that make the different worktop materials. And these can help you to infer that a larger surface will have pretty much the same characteristics.
  • Free samples enable you to see how the material compares to the online listings. It may be the colour, pattern, texture, and finish of the stone you may like.
  • Ordering samples will help you decide if the company manufacturing a worktop material is right for you. It may be a direct reflection of their speed of delivery and quality of service.
  • If receiving a sample takes long to fulfil your order, knowing this beforehand will allow you to plan for lead times. Some exotic stones or special-order materials may take longer to be delivered. It saves you time from waiting to receive your worktop material when you need it down the line.

Try before you buy

If you aren't sure what product best fits your need, our samples are perfect for carrying out tests before buying. For example, you can cut a lemon in half and leave it over your quartz sample. Or on your marble sample to see which of the two may etch. Also, you can test your free sample by splashing coffee, ketchup, and other coloured substances over it. Similarly, you can cut and chop with a knife over your piece. It allows you to see the hardness and strength of your kitchen worktop material.

When looking at samples, you can also determine the quality of the stone slab by looking at these critical factors:

  • Colour and pattern consistency: Low-quality quartz brands don't always mix or test their products consistently. It results in slabs with colour variations that may be present within the same quartz slab.
  • Quality of additives and resins: You can compare their quality by holding samples of two different brands side by side. Speckles, mirrors, veins, and any other additive are some features that may be present in the quartz samples.
  • Degree of polishing: you can ask us to arrange a slab-viewing appointment at the local distributor's warehouse and view the full slabs in person. When looking at the full-size slab, you can hold the sample next to it as a reference.
  • Feel of the material at a touch: A reliable worktop supplier not only will prevent you from buying a poor-quality stone. Also, they help you choose the best stone finish for your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Product warranty on branded materials: purchasing a well-known quartz brand ensures that you not only get a quality kitchen worktop. Also, it gives you peace of mind with available manufacturer's warranties that range between 1-30 years.
Try before you buy
about us

About Us

We create worktops for kitchens in any home as well as for commercial offices. Besides, we supply bathroom walls and vanity tops, tabletops, utility room worktops, pantry countertops, and much more.

We send you Silestone samples and Caesarstone samples, and quartz samples of any brand you can think of. We also offer Neolith samples, Dekton samples, and porcelain samples of any type.

Our Team

We're a team of professionals based in West London who design and install all types of stone, ceramic, porcelain, and other surfaces.

We have over 50 years of combined experience in the sector, enabling us to work with a vast network of quarries, distributors, and stone manufacturers from around the globe. It ensures that we get you the best deals and the highest quality materials at affordable prices. In a nutshell, we are a stone worktop supplier in London. And we get a kick out of transforming places and putting smiles on people's faces.

In addition to supplying marble samples, granite samples and quartzite, we also provide you with samples of the most prestigious brands in the market.

Samples of Brands we supply

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