About Us

The Worktop Library is a premium, eco-friendly natural and engineered stone worktop supplier for London and the South of England. Our service area includes London, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Kent, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Essex, and surrounding communities.

We are powered by natural marble, granite and quartzite, porcelain, quartz and terrazzo and by a commitment to provide you with the best bespoke installation experience you've ever had.

We specialise in detailed homes and offices with a five-day turnaround for busy families. Our unique surfaces and simple techniques are callous on ugly spaces but effortless on people and safe for any room style.



Why Choose Us?

We're a team of stone professionals, locally owned and run by a husband-and-wife partnership. Every time you visit, you'll see the same welcoming faces.

We are a reputable company. We're bonded and insured, and we pay our taxes! We also invest in our employees with competitive compensation, benefits, and training.

Nobody values attention to detail, communication, and caring for your house, office, and family more than we do!

We're pretty practical! WhatsApp reminders, bookings, and credit card billing through the internet.

What We Do Every Time

Our Installers bring their own tools, and we use all our own materials, resources, and environmentally-friendly solutions: you don't have to do anything!

  • Kitchen Worktops
  • Wall coverings
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Bespoke marble sinks
  • Breakfast Bars
  • Splashbacks
  • Vanity Tops
  • Upstands
  • Tabletops
  • Floorings
  • Shower Trays



Maria and Alan are high school sweethearts from South America who moved to London 25 years ago.

Alan managed the operations of renowned fashion retailers, including Patrick Cox, Matches Fashion and Burberry.

Maria was overseeing the operations of Jigsaw, a UK Luxury Womenswear and accessories company.

When it came time to have children, Maria wanted to keep delivering the same premium, luxury goods experience she had fallen in love with during her time at Jigsaw. Alan had experience running luxury goods companies, which was ideal.

Maria now works as the Worktop Library's Operations Manager. She oversees the team's logistics, purchases, installations, training, and coaching.

Alan is the Worktop Library's Sales & Marketing Manager. He handles sales, customer service, and whatever else our clients need.

The Worktop Library is continuously growing into something we are proud of. We have a remarkable team of people working with us, and we are grateful to help so many clients and their families.

Your home will never feel (or look) as good as it will after a Worktop Library surface!



Maria was born and bred in Buenos Aires, the Capital City of Argentina. She likes computer games, event planning, and, yes, stone surfaces.

She is devoted to helping people and giving back to her community. She enjoys managing a company that delivers a valuable service to its customers and leads a team that includes her husband.


In his twenties, Alan grew up in Argentina and later worked as a Versace model in Europe. He is a stone, entrepreneurial, and technology enthusiast.

He enjoys running a trustworthy service company that provides excellent service to its customers and provides a positive work environment for its staff.


Jeff was born and bred in the United States and now resides in London with his family. He appreciates going out with his children. And he loves working with stone worktops just as much as he enjoys going out.

He appreciates the opportunity to continue honing his manufacturing skills while working as part of a fantastic team.

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