Sensa Granite

Get ready to rock your kitchen with Sensa Granite by Cosentino!

Our easy-to-maintain, high-grade natural granite is perfect for your worktops.

Sensa Granite by Cosentino

Our Sensa granite worktops have a 15-year warranty and protection coating that fights off stains like a superhero.

Say goodbye to dull, high-maintenance and hello to Sensa Granite by Cosentino – the rockstar of the kitchen!


Unique Aesthetics & Performance:

Our Sensa granite worktops boast unique designs that amaze guests! But that's not all. Its breakthrough treatment integrates protection into the very molecular structure of the stone, making it stain-resistant and extending the life cycle of your worktop!

Easy Maintenance:

Say goodbye to constant maintenance and sealing requirements. With our low-maintenance option, cleaning is a breeze. Experience the beauty and practicality of our natural stones today!

High Heat & Outdoor Suitable

Get ready to bring your outdoor space to the next level with Sensa! This top-notch granite worktops collection features incredible resistance and extends your outdoor worktop's lifespan. Why settle for a dull, standard outdoor worktop when you have a durable, low-maintenance, drop-dead gorgeous one?

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Imagine a world where your worktops are covered by a magical shield lasting 15 years. That’s Sensa granite for you!

If you decide to sell your property, the new owner will also enjoy the warranty like a precious family heirloom.


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  • What is he difference between Sensa granite and standard granite worktops?

    The difference between Sensa granite and standard granite worktops is that Sensa granite has an exclusive anti-stain treatment that works at a molecular level. In contrast, standard granite worktops come with a standard sealant. As a result, both types of granite can be highly resistant to scratches, chips, and water damage. The main advantage of a Sensa granite worktop over standard granite is that Sensa comes with a 15-year warranty by Cosentino against stains and defects in the material.

  • What thicknesses does Sensa granite come in?

    If you’re considering using Sensa granite for your kitchen or bathroom worktops, you can select 2 cm or 3 cm thicknesses. Whilst 3 cm thick granite is prevalent for worktops and horizontal applications, you can use 2 cm Sensa granite as a worktop and a splashback or wall cladding application.

  • What are the finishes of Sensa granite?

    Our Sensa Granite Collection has three finishes: Polished, Caresse, and Leather. The Polished finish gives a glossy surface with reflected light, Caresse has a gentle matte texture, and the Leather finish provides a natural tactile effect.

  • How do I clean Sensa granite?

    Sensa granite upkeep and cleaning are effortless! – All you need is soapy water. Then, dry the worktop with a microfibre cloth.

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