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Leaving your expensive and pristine kitchen worktops to the mercy of scratches and dents is never a good idea without chopping boards. So a growing number of UK homes, restaurants and industrial kitchens are switching to bespoke chopping board solutions from the best brands in the segment. So now, it is your turn to go the extra mile and give your kitchen the utility and protection it deserves.

The Best Chopping Board for Every Meal

The WorkTop Library features UK’s leading worktop chopping boards. Our boards comprise exceptional quality, food-grade solid granite, marble, and other materials.

Our chopping boards are, first and foremost, completely safe and hygienic you can work on. In addition, they boast heavy-duty impact resistance and shield your kitchen worktops from everyday damage. In addition, our cutting boards are beautifully designed and complement your kitchen’s design. Moreover, we build them to deliver maximum space for working, so you can chop ingredients quickly.

Using a stone chopping board from The Worktop Library in the kitchen provides five key benefits:

  • – It’s durable and long-lasting
  • – Your knives will stay sharp for longer
  • – It’s safer to use than a glass cutting board
  • -You can use it as a trivet, placing hot items from the oven onto its surface.
  • It’s non-absorbent resulting in a hygienic surface that helps avoid the growth of bacteria.


When you choose one of our marble or granite chopping boards, you get a great cutting board that works even better!

White Carrara quartz chopping boards

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No More Dull Knives or Uneven Cuts 

If you’re a passionate cook, you know that a good chopping board is a key to making meal prep quicker and easier. But even the best knives can’t help if your cutting surface is damaged.

Designed for great functionality and durability, our natural & engineered stone chopping board collection comes in various sizes, colours and patterns to suit your kitchen needs. In addition, they are built with high-quality, premium materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Easy to Use & Clean, one of the best kitchen gadgets for busy people, our chopping boards, made from marble, granite, and quartzite, are easy to wash and dishwasher safe. Comprising high-quality stones that don’t absorb odours or liquids, they look great and last longer than wood.

Stone Chopping Boards: A Smooth Chop.

With our specially designed chopping boards, you’ll never have to worry about scratches again- meaning less time spent prepping and more time enjoying your meal. Even the clumsiest cook can use our boards without ruining them. Hate doing dishes? -Our chopping boards are dishwasher safe and easy to clean by hand.

The Best Chopping Boards for Your Kitchen

So now, cut, chop, slice, and grate without a worry in the world and enjoy the most satisfying cooking experience with our fully sanded, polished, textured, honed, and smooth profiled chopping board collection for modern and traditional kitchens alike. These boards are perfect for daily use and will last you for many years to come!



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