Marble is the favourite stone of humanity due to its natural beauty and durability. Join over 7,000 happy homeowners and get a piece of history into your space.

Marble Worktops

There is an eternal beauty about marble that no other natural stone can claim. This is why marble’s legacy of everlasting attraction and durability shines throughout the pages of history. So, how would you like to bring home marble’s timeless radiance and admirable qualities and spark your space back to life?

Modern architectural practices demand a natural stone surface that blends aesthetics with toughness and versatility. Likewise, as a contemporary homeowner, you require a material that makes you spend more time admiring it and less time cleaning it. But it doesn’t mean that such material must be expensive.

Upgrade your space with elegant marble worktops in London, UK, from Worktop Library. The premium collection showcases the perfect blend of durability and timeless elegance, ideal for enhancing home and office environments. Each marble slab is carefully selected for its unique beauty and long-lasting quality. Transform your kitchen marble countertops into a statement of luxury and style with our bespoke solutions.

There is a genuine consensus amongst leading architects, interior designers, and consumers about how marble can add a touch of perfection to your space—big, small, traditional, or modern. Marble is a natural metamorphic stone famous for its coloured veining and heavenly sheen. But far from just looking good, marble also adds a dimension of toughness to heavy-footfall spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

Moreover, the marble worktop is easily customisable and available in various colours, including white marble, calacatta black vein marble, and Carrara marble. With marble, you will not only forget worrying about spills and stains but also genuinely revel in how inviting your space has become. So whether cooking your favourite meal, impromptu dancing on the floor or calling over friends and family for drinks – your Worktop Library marble will infuse your living spaces with reinvigorating energy.

Now that’s what you call ‘marble’-ous!

Marble Worktops: Varieties and Thickness We Offer

Explore the exquisite range of marble worktops at Worktop Library, which offers a variety of marble worktops in various colours and thicknesses to suit any design preference and functional need. Whether you are renovating your home or upgrading your office space, the selection promises quality and style.

Type Thickness
Limestone & Travertine Worktops 20mm, 30mm
Natural Marble 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm

Affordable Marble Kitchen Worktops in West London

The Worktop Library stands out as a cost-effective solution for marble kitchen worktops, homes, and marble bathroom worktop across London and the South of England. Specialising in natural and engineered stones like marble, granite, and quartz, we provide bespoke installations tailored to detailed homes and offices. Our eco-friendly approach and rapid five-day turnaround make us the ideal choice for efficiently and beautifully transforming spaces, ensuring every installation enhances functionality and aesthetics without straining your budget.

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Why choose Marble Worktop at Worktop Library?


Despite the smooth surface with natural veins, marble is durable and long-lasting.


Highly scratch resistant and retains its shine for years

Wide Choice of Colours

Natural marble worktops are honed, textured, glossy, and come in unlimited colours

High-Heat Resistance

Ideal for use in areas where hot pans or dishes are likely to be placed

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Marble Worktops


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Latest Materials



Marble does not come with a manufacturer’s warranty as a natural stone.

However, you can check our branded natural marble products if you wish to choose a marble worktop with a warranty.

Features & Benefits Of Marble Worktops

  • Distinct, luxurious appeal: Marble’s natural finish, smooth texture, and rich look instantly elevate the entire mood of the space and give it an expensive makeover. No wonder its brilliance has made it a staple of the UK’s finest homes.
  • Multiple finishes & unique designs: As a natural stone, every marble surface has a distinct colour and swirl pattern, which means you bring home a truly unique material. From Tundra Grey to Naples Blue to Namibian White – choose from multiple designer finishes at Worktop Library.
  • Timeless Durability: Marble is a nod to antiquity and monumental architecture, proving how it can withstand the test of time. Its rigid surface is impact-resistant and built for the rigours of kitchen, bathroom and footfall.
  • Readily customisable: Despite its inherent toughness, marble has a soft and porous characteristic that enables accomplished stonemasons to cut, carve and finish the worktops as you like.
  • Excellent heat resistance: Effortlessly cool to touch, marble is a fantastic insulator of heat – a quality everyone from bakers and chefs to artists and homeowners cherishes.
  • Affordable and available: You don’t have to look far for a worktop or flooring material that fits your budget yet exudes extravagance. Since marble has an impressive range of designs, patterns and colours, there is something for everyone.
  • Hassle-free maintenance: Despite being a natural stone, marble will rarely leave you pulling out your hair when it comes to cleaning and care. While occasional sealing is ideal for prolonging its stain resistance, you can always wipe it clean within seconds with a damp cloth and an alkaline, mild cleaner!
  • Enhances property value: There’s a reason why many upscale properties and posh neighbourhoods in the UK have splashes of marble here and there. As a natural stone, it is precious and matures your property value as it ages.

Advantages of Marble Countertops

  • It has a natural veining pattern and a distinct shine that enhances aesthetic appeal.
  • It is multipurpose: Kitchen & Bathroom countertops, worktops, flooring, and more.
  • It comes in many colours, designs and finishes and is easily customisable.
  • It requires minimal maintenance; it is highly resistant to stains.
  • It is temperature resistant and an excellent insulator of heat.
  • It is exceptionally durable, shatter, and wear-resistant.
  • It is very affordable and makes for a worthy investment.


  • Are marble worktops suitable for both kitchen and bathroom installations?

    Yes, marble worktops suit kitchen and bathroom installations, offering luxury and durability in high-moisture and frequent-use environments.

  • What maintenance is required for marble worktops?

    Marble worktops require regular sealing, gentle cleaning with mild detergents, and immediate spill cleanup to maintain their pristine condition.

  • How do I determine the price of marble worktops?

    To determine the price of marble worktops, contact a customer executive or request a quote based on your specific dimensions and design preferences.

  • Do you provide warranties or guarantees on your marble worktops?

    Due to its natural qualities, marble has no manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. However, you can opt for branded marble worktops that offer warranties for added assurance.

  • Do you offer Marble Worktop Installation Services?

    We offer marble worktop installation services, ensuring professional fitting and finishing tailored to your space’s specifications.

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