Caesarstone is the engineered surface innovator, manufacturing world-class quartz for worktops since 1987.

Caesarstone Quartz

Each design shows off the incredible power and endurance of pure natural quartz of up to 90% pure quartz crystals, dyes & resins and dyes to create the most robust worktops.

Work of Art
Our Caesarstone quartz worktops result from architectural design and practical living,   blending elegance with longevity in stunning colours, different treatments, and rich colours.

Safe Caesarstone quartz surfaces provide peace of mind regarding usage and health because they comprise a non-porous material with the highest quality controls. Caesarstone worktops do not harbour germs, mould, or fungus, making them clean and sanitary for maximum hygiene.



For endurance and longevity, it is highly impermeable, thick, and durable.

Minimal Maintenance

Quick cleaning with water and soap no requirement for sealant, and very painless upkeep

High-Heat Suitable

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are highly resistant to scratches and temperatures; however, we recommend using a coaster.

Caesarstone Quartz


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Showing 1–20 of 51 results

Latest Materials


Latest Materials



Caesarstone – The Best Quality in the Business
We’re so confident in the quality of our Caesarstone worktops that we guarantee they’ll be free from manufacturing defects for 25 years.

The manufacturer guarantees it will not stain, etch, or scratch during everyday household use. And if you do have any issues, our customer service team is here to help every business day.


  • What is Caesarstone?

    Caesarstone has been one of the best quartz surface brands in London and the UK since 1987.  Manufactured in Israel,  Caesarstone’s quartz worktops comprise over 90 per cent quartz grains and 9 (or less) portion of colouring resins, depending on the colour.

  • Are Caesarstone and quartz the same type of product for kitchens? or do they have different qualities?

    Caesarstone: quartz is one of the toughest minerals in the world and has a super smooth surface. When referring to ‘quartz’ in residential and commercial design, people are talking about engineered quartz (as opposed to quartz crustal gemstones for jewellery). So, yes, Caesarstone and quartz are the same types of products.

  • Which is better Caesarstone or granite?

    When it comes to practicality and ease of use, Caesarstone is superior to granite. Because it’s so hard, it’s more resistant to scratches than standard granite.

    It also resists heat, making it prevalent in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, Caesarstone quartz has a high resistance to chemicals, heat and stains. So it is perfect for your kitchen worktops or bathroom vanity tops.

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