Our selection of bespoke natural and manufactured stone fireplaces is often a favourite of architects and designers because it comprises one of the most extensive ranges available in London and the South of England.

Besides classic fireplace stones such as marble, granite, and limestone, our collection encompasses porcelain, quartz, ceramic, and terrazzo.

Our teams can install a marble for fireplace within five working days, keeping a contemporary fireplace as the area’s focal point with a simple modern style that combines distinct architectural materials.

A Marble Fireplace Creates a Pleasant & Warm Feeling In Your Home

Whether you have a modern or traditional home, we can create a perfect fireplace living room for the space. Our team of experienced designers can provide you with fireplace hearth ideas and improve the look of your space by replacing fireplace tiles with full stone slabs without any visible joints.

In addition, we offer fireplace cover materials that are unique and can bring a fresh look to any room.

There is Nothing Like a Traditional Granite Fireplace On Cold Days

Our fireplace cover materials offer precision and originality, spanning from Queen Anne to Edwardian and feature French, German, or English styles.

You will recognize some of our classic stones, such as Carrara marble and Statuario because you often see them in period commercial spaces across Central London and its surrounding areas. But we also provide the rarer type of fireplace marble surrounds comprising non-traditional stones such as quartzite and grey or black slate. Our materials can complement original antique fireplaces, bringing a fresh look to the space.

If you’ve never seen a quartzite fireplace, perhaps now is the right time to explore it as an original aesthetic option.

Find a Modern Quartz Fireplace for Every Home

Our stonemasons use traditional methods and tools guaranteeing an authentic look to your space with fireplace quartz stones and porcelain fireplace mantels. In addition, some of our contemporary materials are popular in applications such as a fireplace with a TV above it so you can enjoy the best of the old and modern worlds.

The best new materials for making a stunning fireplace back panel our Dekton, Neolith, Marazzi, and Infinity. These are sintered stones available in extra-large slabs that beautify any room, whether with a fireplace shelf, fireplace back panel, or fireplace feature wall.

But what makes sintered porcelain and ceramic the ideal materials for fireplace applications, you may wonder?

Our porcelain fireplace materials can withstand elevated temperatures without scorching or burning are don’t require the maintenance of other traditional fireplace materials such as marble or limestone. For example, a Dekton fireplace surround can tolerate temperatures of up to 300 Celsius, and you can clean it with a regular household cleaning spray.

Install a Bespoke Dekton Fireplace & Porcelain Fire Hearths For Cosy Living

All our fireplaces are hand-finished by a team of stonemasons whose passion transpires into the final look of your fireplace decor. We can create different fireplace edges when you have a minimalistic home, including mitre, bullnose, or more straightforward pencil and bevel edge profiles.

We start by creating a template in situ, right at your home or office and fabricating pieces where you can display the fireplace on flat walls, kitchen cabinets, or as centrepieces in living and dining rooms.
The Worktop Library can provide a unique design and manufacturing service for any fireplace in any material and size, modern and period styles.

We always employ traditional procedures to acquire, produce and create our quartz fireplaces and marble fireplace surrounds with exceptional craftsmanship.

Please watch our below video showcasing some of our stunning fireplace materials. Then, you can browse through our range of stones that our fantastic team utilizes to transform your home, bringing warmth to the space.


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