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Worktop Library presents a breathtaking collection of durable CRL Quartz Worktops. Offering a refreshing take on housing convenience, our worktops are designed to equip your kitchens and bathrooms with usability and comfort, making them a must-have for contemporary homeowners.

Designed to meet the growing demands of modern living, you can never go wrong with a CRL Quartz Worktop. Transcending in style, look, and usability — our worktops are a dream come true. Of interest to most customers are the CRL Calacatta Quartz, CRL Polar White, CRL Verona, CRL Arctic Shimmer, and the CRL Carrara Quartz collection — they stand out.

Available in 40+ colours and design combinations, our CRL Quartz worktops are incredibly versatile and flexible, making personalised customisations a possibility with us. So don’t just settle for what’s in the market; make your design vision come alive with our bespoke worktops today.


Easy to clean, easier to maintain

A soap and water rinse with a dry cloth is all you need

Heat resistance

Performing well in high temperatures, our worktops never burn

Scratch resistance

Offers unmatched resistance to repeated rubbing or scratch marks

Resistant to wear & tear

Durability is a promise with our quartz worktops

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Our commitment to excellence ensures that our world-class service keeps you as happy as our products. Like our products, our relationships are built to last, so we offer a 25-year warranty for all our CRL quartz kitchen & bathroom countertops.

We recommend you read the warranty letter to understand the terms & conditions for availing of a warranty and how you can use the letter to raise a claim.

If at all, under given circumstances, you’re compelled to ask for a replacement of the damaged product, we’ll replace it with one of comparable quality. If we no longer manufacture the product, we will provide you with a similar material that meets all the requirements.


  • How long will my CRL quartz worktop last?

    A CRL Quartz Worktop is designed to last a lifetime and requires little to minimal maintenance. It is even more attractive because it does not require sealing, which means you save precious money on frequent maintenance and resealing.

    That said, it is crucial to understand that quartz is not indestructible. While more robust and durable than most natural stones, you must be cautious and adequately care for it.

    For example, practising simple measures like using a chopping board instead of cutting vegetables on the surface can help avoid premature chipping and scratches. Similarly, using trivets or a towel to place your hot pans can protect your worktop from unnecessary breakage over time.

  • Are quartz worktops costlier than marble?

    No, quartz is generally not more expensive than marble. The cost varies based on the pattern of the quartz, the type of marble, and the size of the slabs being compared.

    Quartz worktops have starting prices per square meter that are comparable to marble. However, the prices of marble worktops can surpass those of quartz worktops, especially when dealing with rare types.

  • I bought a CRL Quartz worktop. Should I seal it?

    A CRL Quartz worktop is solid, durable, and non-porous. As such, it does not require sealing. Your only job here is to enjoy the worktop post-purchase.

  • Can I place a hot pan or vessel on a CRL Quartz Worktop?

    We do not recommend it. Placing a hot pan directly on the quartz surface may not damage it immediately, but its surface could crack gradually due to thermal shock. Instead, we recommend placing a hot pan or vessel with a trivet. Small steps like these will go a long way to ensure the longevity of your perfectly beautiful CRL Quartz Worktops.

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