Laundry Room Worktops

Did you know that a typical home in the UK performs 260 wash loads each year? So one of the best ways to protect the laundry room is with non-absorbent and liquid-repellent surfaces.

And the laundry is not only where you throw dirty pieces of clothing into a washing machine. It is also an area where you organize your items in different baskets, keeping your family’s clothes separately whilst cleaning and folding.

Non-absorbent Laundry Room Worktops

One of the critical aspects of a laundry room is ensuring that the worktops, walls, and floors are water-resistant so that when you have an accidental spillage, you can quickly remove it without staining the surfaces.

A Laundry Worktop made from Dekton Kreta

Practical and Easy-to-Clean Laundry Work Surfaces For Modern Homes

At the Worktop Library, we provide homes with durable, non-porous stones for your laundry. Engineered stones such as quartz, porcelain, and ceramic, keep your laundry clean and free from germs and bacteria.

Similarly, you can create a practical laundry countertop with unique aesthetics with natural stones such as granite, marble, quartzite, and more.

We install laundry room worktops and sinks into your laundry room design. You may hand-wash delicate items or soak your clothes in the sink of your laundry room countertops. For best efficiency, we recommend placing your utility room worktops nearby your washing machine and dryers.

The fact that laundry rooms are working zones does not prevent them from being beautiful. Continue your kitchen’s design style into your laundry room to make a stunning, welcoming area.

A photo of a white laundry room with Silestone worktops

GAIN MORE YOUR STORAGE SPACE With a Worktop For Laundry Room

An efficient laundry room must have lots of storage space and shelving for displaying and storing additional items. And with a carefully designed worktop for the laundry area, you can find storage space to keep a clean and more minimalistic look in the home.

We supply porcelain cladding, walk-in pantry walls and different types of shelves in lightweight materials so that you don’t have to worry about complex and arduous stone installation.

In addition, we create marble shelves that come off the floor and are frequently fixed to a wall with brackets or screwed into the laundry room’s cabinets with nails.

Choose from over 3000 materials and contact us today to start creating an attractive and functional laundry room worktop.

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