Using sustainable and recycled minerals, our terrazzo worktops come in various colours and sizes, ranging from small-size granite dots to large-size marble chunks and pebbles.

Upgrade your kitchen with our terrazzo worktops today!

Terrazzo Worktops

Worktop Library introduces a versatile collection of terrazzo worktops in London for contemporary homeowners. Comprising composite stone, terrazzo embodies the best of marble, quartz, granite, limestone, glass, and other raw materials in their engineering.                 

Industry-tested for performance, our Terrazzo Worktops are available in distinct colours and design options. Of exceptional quality is our Terrazzo Collection which is available in a wide range of designs. While Terrazzo worktops make for an excellent addition to all settings in your home, we highly recommend them for use in kitchens — that’s where it shines out the most.

The built, resilience, and visual appearance of a terrazzo make it ideal for all applications indoors and outdoors. Though they make for top-shelf quality worktops, kitchen counters, and vanity tops, they perform just as brilliantly when used as floor tiles. If this intrigues you, look at our unique collection of stunning terrazzo kitchen worktop today.




Why choose Terrazo Kitchen Worktops at Worktop Library?

Effortless Maintenance

Caring for terrazzo is easy — a neutral cleaner is all it takes!


Engineering using recycled material like glass shards and extra stone chips

Colour & Design Versatility

Pick and choose from a host of colours and designs

Long-lasting Durability

An investment worth making, terrazzo lasts for a minimum of thirty years

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Terrazzo Worktops


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Latest Materials


Features of Terrazzo Worktops

Made of a composite material called terrazzo, a combination of marble, quartz, granite, glass, and other suitable materials, Terrazzo Worktops are one of the most versatile materials for kitchens and bathrooms. Virtually unbreakable, these worktops are manufactured in high compressive settings and stand unmatched in their durability and body strength.

Terrazzo worktops have a vintage look that appeals to the aesthetic sensibilities of customers who instantly fall in love with them. Often compared to a mosaic painting, a Terrazzo Countertop exudes an artistic vibe that accentuates the look and feel of your indoor setting.

The functionality and durability of these worktops are a work of brilliance. Moreover, its resistance to high heat, UV rays and natural elements makes it suitable for outdoor use. Very few materials and stones can brag of UV resistance, but with Terrazzo worktops, it comes naturally.

With Worktop Library’s terrazzo worktop collection, you get the chance to reimagine your home and give it a fresh look and feel that is unique to you and your personality. Choose from a wide range of patterns and colours that are endlessly customisable — our vibrant collection of Terrazzo worktops is here to offer you design freedom, no matter how unique your requirements may be.

Care & Maintenance & Warranty

Care & Maintenance

Caring for your terrazzo countertops does not require effort or added products. Here are four effortless steps you can take to ensure its proper care and maintenance:

● Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions such as products with vinegar or lemon juice contents. Instead, use a cleanser with a neutral PH level.
● To restore the shine of terrazzo worktops, use a surface sealer to maintain the surface sheen.
● Clean up a spill or stain right away. Don’t let it sit on your terrazzo worktop surfaces for too long, as it will seep right into the countertop material.
● Do not use a rough fabric or a metal scouring pad to clean the surface of your terrazzo worktop.
● If your terrazzo worktop is marble based, avoid chopping and cutting acidic foods or juices (lemon, orange, etc.) as these may etch the surface.


Our commitment to excellence ensures that our reliable after-service keeps you as happy as our products. Like our products, our relationships last, which is why we offer a warranty for all our branded terrazzo kitchen & bathroom countertops.

We recommend you read the warranty letter to understand the terms & conditions for availing of a warranty and how you can use the letter to raise a claim.

If at all, under given circumstances, you’re compelled to ask for a replacement of the damaged product, we’ll replace it with one of comparable quality. If we no longer manufacture the product, we will provide you with a similar material that meets all the requirements.


  • How regularly should I clean my terrazzo worktop?

    Cleaning is quintessential, so we would recommend you dust your terrazzo worktop regularly. Rinse your worktop with soap and water for tough stains and wipe it right after with a gentle cloth.

  • What are the applications where terrazzo surfaces can be used?

    Here are four applications where you can use a terrazzo surface whether you have a home, commercial or establishment setting:

    • Home: The most common use of terrazzo surfaces is in your residential abode. Whether you want to use it in your kitchens as countertops, in your bathrooms as walls or worktops, or in any other room in your home — the choice is yours.
    • Schools and Universities: Terrazzo surfaces make for perfect worktops for use in biology and chemistry laboratories because their low porosity doesn’t allow for the growth of germs nor the transmission of viruses such as COVID-19.
    • Healthcare Facilities: We recommend the use of our quartz-based terrazzo worktops for hospitals and pharmacies. Since they are nonporous, they do a fantastic job at avoiding the proliferation of bacteria.
    • Swimming Pools: Another fantastic area of application for terrazzo surfaces is swimming pools. They’re also considered a wonderful choice for creating swimming pool surroundings.


  • I bought a Terrazzo worktop. Should I seal it?

    Yes, you should. Terrazzo, while incredibly durable, is only as strong as its maintenance efficiency. So, when you install a terrazzo worktop, make sure that you properly seal them. When left unsealed, terrazzo worktops tend to stain easily and not last to their full potential.

  • How much does a terrazzo countertop cost?

    On average, the cost of Terrazzo countertops is according to the material composing the surface. For example, the cost of marble-based worktops such as a Compac Terrazzo Marble starts at £1490+vat in London and its surrounding areas. Similarly, quartz-based terrazzo worktops begin at a price range of £1641+vat and cement-based terrazzo worktops are priced at a starting rate of £1990+vat. These prices include the template, supply, and installation of terrazzo worktops.

    The cost can also be influenced by the brand or manufacturing company manufacturing the worktop, the size of the work surfaces, the site’s location, edging, and thickness.

  • Can I place a hot pan or vessel over a terrazzo worktop?

    Yes, you can. Terrazzo is an excellent choice for use as kitchen countertops because they are heat-resistant and can sustain up to 150 Celsius without fear of breakage, cracks, or damage because a terrazzo worktop can easily withstand the heat. But we recommend using a trivet to place hot items, minimizing any risks.

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