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Quartz Worktops

Whether the new, impressive kitchen worktop or the novel flooring, the material you use becomes the focus of all eyes. In that regard, you cannot afford to compromise – be it in design, installation, durability, or performance. Do not worry – The Worktop Library understands that your modern UK home must refurbish itself around a contemporary, avant-garde material. And what better stone to endure and endear in equal degree than the exceptionally engineered quartz worktops?
Quartz surfaces are steadily growing in popularity as bespoke worktop materials in the UK recently.

You do not often come across a material that is both exotic in appearance and almost indestructible by nature, do you? Quartz’s outstanding hardness compared to natural stones, high durability quotient, and efficient stain and scratch resistance are worthy of praise. It is often on top of every prominent UK architect, interior designer, and engineer’s recommendations.
The best bit about investing in quartz worktops is that it resists wear and tear for as long as you like. And you will not even have to care for it diligently or splash out on extra maintenance costs! Combine that with its affordability, high heat resistance, and anti-bacterial protection, and you have the perfect package for your next refurbishment project. Choosing your next bathroom or kitchen worktops quartz is the most exciting part of giving your living space a makeover. Selecting the right quartz style can prolong that excitement for a lifetime. Check out The Worktop Library’s complete assortment of quartz worktops in London including Caesarstone white, Caesarstone empira black, Caesarstone agger grey and over five hundred exclusive shades and finishes available.

Types of Quartz Worktops

Quartz kitchen worktops are available in over a hundred attractive colours and patterns. The variable finishes and textures further enhance their visual appeal. Unlike the limited natural colours and veining of marble/granite, quartz worktop suppliers provide unparalleled visual customisation. You can find the exact shade to complement your kitchen cabinets, furnishings, window treatments, lighting, fixtures, faucets, and more. When you buy a quartz worktop, you can even request for an exact marble-like replica. Here are the most popular types of quartz kitchen worktops:-

  1. 1. White Quartz Worktop
  2. 2. Grey Quartz Worktop
  3. 3. Black Quartz Worktop
  4. 4. Beige quartz Worktop
  5. 5. Marble-Effect Quartz
  6. 6. Granite-Effect Quartz

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Built to last

Durability is the name of the game for quartz—one of the hardest and most resilient countertops in the market.

Beautifully versatile

Worktops, vanity tops, shelves, flooring, splashbacks, and more, engineered quartz creates a contemporary, dynamic, and colourful aesthetic wherever installed.

Stain and scratch-resistant

Indulge in the joys of life and the throes of work without worrying about damage from stains, splashes, scratches, etches, and spills.

Low maintenance

Quartz worktops have minimal to zero porosity, making them exceptionally easy to clean and keep for years.

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Showing 1–20 of 462 results

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Latest Materials



Like our delectable range of quartz surfaces, The Worktop Library’s commitment to 100% customer satisfaction stays as firm as ever. The warranty period for quartz can range from two years up to a lifetime. Under it, you get complete peace of mind and a hassle-free replacement in case of manufacturing defects. As a rule of thumb, always read the fine print about the coverage period and the terms and conditions. Getting a transferable warranty might be a promising idea if you plan to refurbish the home and sell it later.

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  • Which is better – quartz or granite?

    Even today, quartz and granite continue to wrestle out as two of the most popular worktop materials in the UK. While quartz is an engineered surface, granite is entirely natural. Overall, both offer unique performance, resilience, and aesthetic advantages. However, if you are looking for a more easy-to-maintain worktop, then quartz holds the upper hand as it is non-porous and doesn’t require sealing.

  • How to upkeep quartz worktops?

    Maintaining quartz worktops is ridiculously effortless.

    • Wipe spills or stains at once.
      Use water, a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth for regular clean-ups.
    • Avoid placing dangerously hot pans and pots directly on the quartz surface.
    • Protect your quartz worktops from direct sunlight as they are prone to discolouration.
  • What sizes are available in Quartz worktops?

    You can buy quartz worktops in several sizes. The standard slab size is often 3050×1440 mm, 3000×1400 mm and 3040×1410 mm. On the other hand, the jumbo slab size can vary from 3250×1590 mm, 3100×1600 mm, 3200×1600 mm, 3250x1590mm, 3240x1620mm, and 3300×1630 mm. As for thickness, you can choose from 3 cm, 2 cm, 1.3 cm and 1.2 cm.

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