Caesarstone Porcelain

Caesarstone Porcelain represents a breakthrough in innovation and style by providing three new qualities that result in high durability, toughness and great design.

Caesarstone Porcelain

Upgrade to Porcelain for an Unforgettable Time.
Caesarstone Porcelain represents a breakthrough in innovation, practicality, and style by providing three new qualities that result in high durability, toughness and great design.

  • High-Heat Construction: It is resilient and resistant to high heat. It allows direct contact with hot items and is UV suitable, making it ideal for outdoor applications.
  • Frame Strengthening: The Fortified Frame has an exceedingly strong surface that is highly scratch, stress, and fracture-resistant, allowing it to withstand the most rigorous high-traffic areas.
  • Forward Design: The Forward Design delivers an eye-catching colour palette, stronger veining, more perceptible textures, and enlarged designs in revolutionary materials that are simple to clean for and preserve in Honed or Ultra Rough finishes that emphasize their style.


High-Heat Construction

It is heat resistant and robust. It is UV resistant and permits direct contact with hot things, making it perfect for outdoor kitchens.

Frame Strengthening

The strengthened Frame features an extremely tough covering that is scratch, impact, and fracture resilient, allowing it to survive even the most demanding applications.

Forward Planning

The Forward Design offers an attractive colour spectrum, prominent veining, sensorial textures & patterns in worktops that are easy to clean and maintain, with Honed or Ultra Rough finishes highlighting their flair.

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The Worktop Library’s dedication to 100 per cent customer satisfaction is as strong as ever, much like our tasty selection of porcelain worktops. Caesarstone Porcelain has a guaranteed duration, ranging from ten to twenty-five years. It provides total peace of mind and easy replacement for any production flaws. Always read the tiny print on the warranty period and the terms & conditions. A transferable warranty could be a good option if you want to renovate and resell your house.

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  • How to remove stains from Caesarstone porcelain worktops

    You can clean everyday spills simply with soap and water. We recommend brushing away extra sticky material with a plastic knife or non-scratch pad. Then, wipe the area with warm water for more stubborn materials. Similarly, you can apply denatured alcohol and a vigorous rinse to remove nail polish or chewing gum marks. Use a non-scratch scouring pad in conjunction with a non-abrasive cleaning product for tenacious stains.

    Avoid using aggressive chemicals and solvents such as oven/grill cleaners and dishwasher cleaning solutions with high alkaline/pH values. Oily or powdery solutions may leave residual debris. You should wash these off immediately.
    Never clean your Caesarstone porcelain with paint removers or strippers that comprise Trichloroethane or Methylene Chloride.

  • Can I repair Caesarstone Porcelain?

    While Caesarstone porcelain is extremely durable, it is not invincible; like with any other stone countertop, it can be permanently destroyed if exposed to severe solvents or chemicals. Similarly, you must protect it from unexpected temperature fluctuations and strong impact or excessive weight.
    The Worktop Library’s stonemasons can restore repairs on porcelain, and you can contact our team directly at, providing images of the issue and a brief description of the damage.

  • Can I polish my Caesarstone porcelain worktop?

    We supply and install Caesarstone porcelain worktops with the appropriate finish for your chosen design. If your porcelain has a polished finish, this will already be on it,  and no more intervention is necessary to polish the stone.

    Honed finishes, and Ultra Rough finish countertops, are touch-sensitive by nature and don’t need polishing.

    In other words, your Caesarstone porcelain countertops will only need regular cleaning to keep them looking new.

  • What is the Difference Between Caesarstone Porcelain and Quartz?

    There are three main differences between Caesarstone quartz and Caesarstone porcelain:

    • Caesarstone porcelain can withstand twice as much heat as Caesarstone quartz. It results in the ability to withstand direct heat on the porcelain’s surface.
    • Caesarstone quartz is more flexible than porcelain. It results in higher impact resistance (less prone to edge chipping).
    • Whilst all Caesarstone porcelain colours are UV Ray suitable, only a few Caesarstone quartz colours can withstand sun rays for long periods. Caesarstone porcelain is perfect for outdoor applications.
    • Caesarstone porcelain offers lower porosity than quartz, allowing you to utilize stronger colourants such as cardamom and turmeric when preparing meals.


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