Marazzi The Top Worktops

Our Marazzi The Top is a collection of large-size porcelain worktops comprising Marazzi porcelain slabs in polished, satin, and matte finishes with incredibly clever features belonging to the Marazzi Grande range.


Transform your space with our bespoke Italian Marazzi The Top worktops.

Marazzi worktops allow you to create kitchens with flawless aesthetics and pattern consistency by employing an incredibly flexible but highly durable stone, ensuring the most outstanding safety and sanitation requirements.

Kitchen Worktops: Marazzi slabs combine the most significant standards of cleanliness and security with an exquisite look, owing to a wide selection of materials and treatments and a robust, blemish and bacteria-resistant surface.

Bathrooms: Marazzi The Top porcelain slabs are suitable for intuitive, imaginative modern design in bathrooms, combining flair, versatility, and a fascinating impression of seamless worktops and panels with exceptional results in colour consistency, water and mould resistance, and cleanliness and longevity. In addition, the material’s technological features ensure that you enjoy the surfaces due to their high aesthetic and investment value, dimensional stability, resistance to bacteria, and customization attribute to deliver effortlessly bespoke pieces for any space.

Furniture & Decoration: The 3240 x 1620 mm slabs are lightweight yet ultra-solid and combine sophisticated looks with the high-performance attributes of sintered porcelain, allowing you to create an endless range of furniture and home pieces and bespoke home solutions for homes and businesses. 


Non-Absorbent & Hygienic

It features an exceptionally durable design, is easy to clean, is stain and mould resistant, immune to acids & fireproof, and providing optimal hygiene.


surfaces in ceramic and porcelain with a highly resistant finish that can withstand scratches, abrasions and chemical agents, allowing you to use them indoors and outdoors.


add a lasting touch of Italian elegance to any kitchen or bathroom design with a comprehensive 25-year manufacturer's warranty on all our Marazzi worktop applications.

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The Worktop Library’s dedication to 100 per cent customer satisfaction is as strong as ever, much like our tasty selection of porcelain worktops. Marazzi The Top has a guaranteed duration, ranging from two to twenty-five years. It provides total peace of mind and easy replacement for any production flaws. Always read the tiny print on the warranty period and the terms & conditions. A transferable warranty could be a good option if you want to renovate and resell your house.

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  • Where is Marazzi The Top Made?

    The products Marazzi The Top offers in the London, and the UK markets are made in Sassuolo, a municipality and manufacturing powerhouse in the Emilia-Romagna province of Modena. The region is most famous for being the capital of Italian tile manufacturing and is located about 11 miles south of Modena. In the USA, the company makes their products under the American Marazzi Tile INC brand, with additional facilities across Spain (Castellón), Japan (Ginza), and China (Shanghai).

  • What are the differences between Marazzi The Top and Dekton?

    Marazzi The Top is a brand name for the extra-large porcelain tiles built for kitchens and bathrooms, and Dekton is a brand name belonging to Cosentino.
    Marazzi makes its products in Italy, and Dekton makes them in Spain. With Italianate tradition in manufacturing, Marazzi The Top offers exclusive designs from classic Italian marbles that you won’t find elsewhere, such as Verde Cippolino, Verde Borgogna, Rafaello, Marazzi Golden White, and Verde Aver. Similarly, it provides exclusive contintental motifs such as Terrazzo Grey and Stone Limestone.

    Marazzi The Top offers slab thicknesses of 6mm and 12 mm for walls and 12 mm for worktops. Similarly, Dekton offers 4mm, 8mm and 12mm for wall applications, and three thicknesses for worktops at 12mm for 20mm and 30mm.
    With a Marazzi The Top of 324×162 cm, you can create slightly larger worktops than Dekton’s 324×144 cm slabs.
    Marazzi offers

  • Is Marazzi The Top a ceramic?

    No. Ceramics are made from a combination of stone and other materials such as clay, quartz, fired in a kiln to create a dense solid with the hardness of stone. In contrast, Marazzi The Top are sintered stones that comprise a mix of natural minerals and raw materials heated at higher temperatures than traditional ceramic, which result in a more compact, but more flexible non-absorbent slabs with higher ecological benefits allowing them to expand  their size to use them as worktops.

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