Marble Staircase

Investing in stairs comprising marble, granite, quartz, porcelain, and other stone gives your home a facelift that is at once practical and visually aesthetic. In addition, it provides the space with long-term durability. Whether marble, granite or porcelain, our stones can survive almost everything and still look nice.

Dekton Danae stairs

Suitable Stones for Stairs and Staircases

Granite, marble, and limestone are three traditional stones for stairs. A marble for staircase is a desirable and natural choice for homes of any style as it increases its value over time. On the other hand, a granite staircase is practical and easy to maintain. And more recently, manufacturers have come up with a wide range of sintered stones such as porcelain and ceramic that are perfect modern choices for decorating stairs as they don’t require maintenance and are germ-free.

Improving the Appearance of Your Home

You may like the appearance of the stone in other sections of your property but consider how sophisticated and gorgeous it looks on the steps. If you have visible stairs, you would like them to appear attractive. One excellent technique to make it glow is using sintered stones such as Neolith, Dekton and Laminam. You pair these stones with other objects in the room, or you can make a design statement. In any case, our natural and engineered stone surfaces are ideal for improving the aesthetics of any space.

Our Marble and Granite Stairs Practical and Hygienic

Cleaning most stone surfaces is effortless by using soapy water. It is also a great way to avoid using bleaches and chemical products that may harm you or others. However, it would be best to clean these frequently because stains are easily visible on marble. Our experienced professionals will recommend the best cleaning solution to quickly remove stains from your stairs or floors.

Installing Marble Staircases and Ceramic Stairs

If you choose marble for staircase or limestone stairs, contact our team of professionals at The Worktop Library for experienced advice and stone staircase installation assistance.

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