Silestone Quartz Worktops

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Silestone Quartz Worktops: Cutting-edge Engineering at its Zenith

Since their inception in 1990, Silestone quartz worktops have acquired rave reviews in kitchen design. These engineered work surfaces stand out in their sleekness, customisability, resistance, and durability. Built from 95% pure quartz bound by resins and suitable fillers/recycled stones, Silestone quartz is famed for its scratch-proof and stain-proof surface. These cutting-edge worktops provide supreme convenience for all kinds of kitchens- indoor, outdoor, home, and commercial. Besides countertop installation for kitchens and bathrooms, Silestone quartz is also used for constructing sinks, shower trays, floors, feature walls, cladding, backsplashes, and more. Unlike natural stones, there are online visualisers and 3D kitchen simulators to view exactly how your kitchen appears with the chosen silestone quartz samples.

Colours and Textures of Silestone Worktops

There are over 55 picturesque colours and three alluring finishes of Silestone worktops in London: suede, polished, and volcano. With the variable shades and splendid design customization options, Silestone quartz worktops are well-suited for every possible kitchen décor scheme and design, such as classic, contemporary, country, rustic, coastal, vintage, and so on.

  • ● White tones and pastel shades of Silestone worktops London are excellent for minimalist décor and monochrome/dichromatic kitchens and provide an expansive visual allure to small/feebly lit kitchens. For instance, Silestone White Arabesque and Silestone Calacatta Gold resemble their respective marble variants to the hilt.
  • ● Dark/Grey Tones of Silestone quartz worktops are highly suited for rustic and country themes. They also contrast wonderfully with white cabinetry.
  • ● For bold coastal and modern kitchen designs, diverse colours with a polished finish bring in a bold rush of energy.

Why Use Silestone Worktops for Kitchens?

Here are six reasons why Silestone quartz worktops are perfect for your kitchen:-

  1. 1. Stain-proof- Be it spilling coffee, wine, juice, or ketchup, one needn’t worry about stains on quartz surfaces.
  2. 2. Hygienic- The completely non-porous surface ensures no liquid or odour is absorbed, thereby preventing microbial growth.
  3. 3. Hassle-free- Use warm water and a soft cloth to wipe the surface once a day. No sealing, polishing, or special cleaning agents are required!
  4. 4. Long Warranty- The manufacturer’s warranty on silestone quartz worktops is 25 years, the biggest testament to its durability.
  5. 5. Scratch Resistant- Silestone quartz has been specifically engineered to have a scratch-proof surface.
  6. 6. Ambience- Besides the ample colour and design choices described above, marble-effect silestone quartz like Calacatta Gold Quartz is especially popular.

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Silestone Quartz Worktops: Cutting-edge Engineering at its Zenith


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