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Ceramic Worktops

If we could ask London homeowners the two most important qualities they want in their kitchens and bathrooms, the answer would be design perfection, hygiene, and hard-wearing. The surface and worktop material you choose in any kitchen refurbishment or construction project must cater to these. How about ceramic worktops?

For many, the word ‘ceramic’ instantly denotes pottery and earthenware, often known for their brittleness. But that is hardly the case when it comes to new-age designer ceramic worktops for modern homes. Ask any architect, and they would recommend ceramic worktops in an instant. Why?

Ceramic is one of the most versatile, easy-to-maintain, and extremely hard-wearing worktop surfaces. It brings the advantage of 100% natural components turned into toughened, smooth, and exquisite slabs at high temperatures above 1000°C. This high-tech sintering process imbues ceramic with immaculate heat-resisting properties and high compactness and non-porosity. One can only imagine how resistant such a fiercely-built surface would be to stains and scratches.

Ceramic grains’ compactness means no way for liquid spills and leaks. Resistance to mould, mildew and bacteria also comes naturally to the smooth ceramic surface. As a result, ceramic is the perfect match for busy, high-temperature and moisture-prone environments like a kitchen! In addition, if you intend to keep your surfaces blemish-free at all times, go for ceramic kitchen worktops without hesitation. Non-porous surface means cleanliness becomes frictionless, and there’s no need to spend heavily on sealing agents!

The best bit? Ceramic is available in various colours and finishes – each unique. Lightweight, chic and affordable – owning a home with ceramic form and functionality makes for 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.


Why choose Ceramic Worktop at Worktop Library?

Highly Impermeable

Like quartz, ceramic is one of the best worktop materials to bring home if you want a 100% non-porous, highly compact, water-resistant surface solution.

Exceptional Heat Resistance

High-temperature sintering technology imparts ceramic the prized quality of heat resistance—no more worries about damaging your kitchen worktops due to moisture or temperature.

Minimal Maintenance

Just install it and forget! Ceramic worktops come with time-tested ease-of-maintenance qualities. Simple spot cleaning with water, soap and a soft cloth is all you need to keep it tip-top!

Affordable with a Great Finish

Ceramic brings world-class finishes and colours that can go head-to-head with some of the most luxurious worktop materials like marble. The benefit? It is as light on your pocket as in its weight!

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

Highly Impermeable and Hygienic: Bothered by worktop spills and hygiene? Ceramic has a tight, compact structure, which means no water absorption and spillages, and no bacterial, mould or mildew!
Resistant to Heat: Beat your kitchen heat worries with ceramic’s resistance to heat, thanks to its sintering manufacturing process at more than 1000 °C.
Durable: Freedom from regular worktop repairs and remodelling can be yours with ceramic, thanks to its industry-leading toughness and stain and scratch resistance.
Minimal maintenance: Spend less time cleaning your ceramic worktop and more time admiring it! High-performance, low maintenance is its hallmark. Just wipe clean with soap and water, and voila!
Cost-effective: The charm of marble and the toughness of quartz. Ceramic is not only a deluxe worktop material but highly affordable.
Customisable: Personalise your kitchen and bathroom with bespoke ceramic slabs and worktops – tailored to your imagination by highly accomplished Worktop Library technicians!

● Ceramic is multipurpose; Kitchen & Bathroom countertops, worktops, and flooring.
● Ceramic requires minimal maintenance; it is highly resistant to scratches and stains.
● Ceramic is exceptionally hard-wearing, impermeable, hygienic and wear-resistant.
● Ceramic comes in many colours, designs and finishes and is easily customisable.
● Ceramic is made of 100% natural materials with a unique aesthetic appeal.
● Ceramic offers excellent temperature resistance and heat insulation.
● Ceramic is highly affordable and makes for a worthy investment.


  • Are Ceramic Worktops Expensive?

    Ceramic worktops fare well in cost-effectiveness because they are both high on quality and affordability. Ceramic as a worktop material is on par as other popular worktop materials such as quartz. The average cost of templating, fabricating and installing a ceramic worktop in a typically-sized average London UK kitchen starts at £2650.

  • How Do You Clean Ceramic Worktops?

    The smoothness of the surface is a design hallmark of ceramic worktops, making it extremely easy to wipe clean with soap, water, and a soft cloth. Additionally, you will not need to spend on sealing a ceramic worktop, as it is already non-porous. For tougher stains, we recommend using hot water and non-abrasive cleansers.

  • Is Ceramic Worktop Sturdy Enough?

    Yes, absolutely! Ceramic is one of the sturdiest worktop materials that UK customers can install. It carries the recommendation of top-notch designers and architects due to its durability and scratch and heat resistance.

  • Which is the Better Worktop Material: Ceramic or Quartz?

    Both ceramic and quartz are non-porous, highly resistant to staining, hygienic, and easy to clean. As for differences, ceramic is more heat-resistant and affordable, while quartz has higher durability. Thus, choosing one boils down to your unique preference.

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