Unveil our stunning natural Onyx collection at The Worktop Library. Its translucent beauty adds a unique elegance to architectural designs.


Eternal allure graces natural onyx, a stone unmatched in its beauty. It exudes timelessness and durability, etching its legacy in history’s annals.
Illuminate your space with Onyx’s radiance and virtues!

Modern architecture strives for stones to harmonise aesthetics with resilience. As a UK homeowner, your ideal material combines admiration and ease of maintenance with a stunning natural aesthetic.

The Worktop Library introduces beautiful onyx panels and worksurfaces, promising longevity. Onyx stands tall as one of the UK’s favourite choices for bar countertops, tabletops and applications for bathrooms on walls and floors.
Leading architects and interior designers unanimously praise Onyx’s transformative impact. The translucency-coloured veining and supernatural lustre elevate spaces. Beyond aesthetics, onyx bestows durability on high-traffic areas.

Personalisable and available in unique hues, including white onyx, it invites you to revel in its welcoming ambience. No longer fret over dull surroundings; embrace the vibrant energy it breathes into your living spaces.


Prevalent Onyx Options for Interior Projects

  1. 1. Sardonyx: Often prevalent for its unique layering of contrasting bands, showcasing vibrant hues of white, red, and brown, creating a dynamic visual interest in any interior scheme.
  2. 2. Green Onyx: A captivating emerald hue interlaced with complex layers and unique patterns, creating a radiant aesthetic that melds natural charm with profound sophistication.
  3. 3. Red Onyx: Radiates warmth with its vibrant, fiery shades of red and maroon, veined by a meticulous pattern of white lines, offering an exotic and regal appeal.
  4. 4. Cornelian Onyx: Cornelian Onyx, from the Sardonyx family, has distinctive layers of alternating bands of red sard minerals and white or black onyx, offering a warm, vibrant alternative.
  5. 5. Blue Onyx: The exquisite aesthetics display its captivating shades of deep azure, cerulean veining, and the seductive dance of colours and patterns, presenting a visual spectacle that brings an oceanic life to any surface it graces.
  6. 6. White Onyx: Characterised by its translucent, luminous quality, featuring soft, swirling patterns of white, cream, and subtle grey hues, creating a serene, ethereal sense of beauty that makes it an exquisite choice.

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Onyx does not come with a manufacturer’s guarantee due to its natural origins. But, for stone surfaces with warranties, explore our range of branded stone products.

Durable & Timeless Benefits

  • Durability: Onyx is a highly durable and robust natural stone, making it an excellent choice for demanding kitchen and bathroom applications.


  • Unique Looks: No other material can replicate natural onyx’s distinctive appearance and colours.


  • Versatility: Onyx suits many interior design applications, including walls, reception bars, staircases, furniture, and decorative elements.


  • Eco-friendly: Onyx is a natural material that is environmentally friendly and does not require additional energy resources during production.


  • Translucency: The translucence of onyx allows light to pass through the slab and create a unique glow, creating elegant spaces.


  • Spiritual benefits: Onyx has spiritual benefits, such as giving strength and increasing mutual harmony.


  • Stain and water-resistant: Onyx has stain and water-resistant properties, which makes it ideal for use in areas where spills and moisture occur.


  • What is better Onyx or marble?

    Both onyx and marble offer unique benefits for interior design. Onyx stands out with its distinctive appearance and semi-transparency. Marble, on the other hand, excels in versatility, and timeless appeal, adding value to projects.

  • What Onyx can I choose for my interior design?

    Onyx offers a vast spectrum of colours, from white to black, with unique veining patterns. Blue, green, red, grey, gold and brown variants also exist. Popular tones include ‘honey,’ white, and those with golden incrustations, creating a visual impact when backlit.

  • How big is an Onyx slab?

    Onyx slabs are available in sizes ranging between 2 x 1 metre and 3 x 1.75 metres, making them smaller than other materials such as granite and quartzite.

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