ASCALE offers durable and versatile large-format sintered porcelain slabs with 6, 12, and 20 mm thicknesses for homeowners and design professionals.

Ascale Tau uses the latest technology to shorten sintering times providing various materials to create unique functional spaces.

Ascale Worktops

Experience the perfect adaptation to your needs with ASCALE worktops.

The collection includes various materials, from classic marble to modern metals, ensuring you can find the perfect stone for your design.


  • Anti-stain:  Say goodbye to pesky stains and harmful pollution with ASCALE’s innovative technology! It has an anti-stain solution that keeps your surfaces looking flawless and eco-friendly.


  • 100% natural:  Ascale Tau uses only natural raw minerals.


  • High & Low-temperature resistance: Get ready for all weather with ASCALE’s resistance frost porcelain – perfect outdoors! The fireproof and non-combustible materials mean you can safely use your high-temperature utensils without worries.



Experience a clean and healthy lifestyle with ASCALE's hygienic surfaces. Ascale worktops resist germs and grime, making cleaning easy.


Using 70% recycled materials, and reducing waste and creating a sustainable future. Choose ASCALE and make a difference!


ASCALE's surfaces are the ultimate waterproof solution, with less than 0.08% moisture and zero odour absorption. No more musty smells or dampness!

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Choose ASCALE with confidence! Our Ascale worktops come with a 15-year limited manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind. Our team is here to help connect you with the manufacturer if you have any questions or concerns.


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  • Is Ascale suitable for the outdoors?

    Absolutely! ASCALE’s surfaces are UV and thermal shock-resistant, perfect for outdoor use. No need to worry about the sun’s rays or sudden temperature changes – ASCALE can handle it all effortlessly.

  • What on earth is sintered stone?

    Well, let us tell you! Sintering is a natural process taking millions of years, supercharged by Ascale, transforming natural minerals under intense pressure and heat into a solid mass in mere minutes. This new and advanced mechanical sintering technology is how ASCALE becomes a stone as tough as beautiful.

  • How is ASCALE made?

    First, the brand takes various minerals and applies tons of pressure to them. Then, they fire them up at over 1200°, causing the materials to sinter and become one solid, non-porous, scratch and heat-resistant ultracompact surface. It’s like magic, but with technology!

  • What is ASCALE made of?

    ASCALE materials comprise a unique blend of high-quality minerals, including quartz, sand, feldspar, and glass. And the best part? No resins or binders are used in the process, making it a sustainable work surface.

  • How do I clean Ascale worktops?

    Use a neutral-acidic detergent on natural and glossy surfaces for metal residue. Use a neutral detergent on polish or matte finish worktops for glue and lemon stains. Use a neutral detergent on matte surfaces and a neutral detergent or bleach on Ascale polished finish for coffee, tea and wine stains. Finally, for ketchup and sauce stains, use a neutral cream or powder detergent for matte and Soft matte textures and detergent or glass cleaning spray for polished surfaces.

  • Where can I use Ascale?

    ASCALE surfaces offer unlimited uses and design options. You can use Ascale porcelain for indoor and outdoor flooring and wall cladding, as well as for worktops, islands, kitchen splashbacks or bathroom vanity tops. They make perfect materials for outdoor facades; you can use them for residential or commercial renovations. Moreover, ASCALE worktops are suitable for creating all home furniture and decorative elements.

  • What are the advantages of ASCALE worktops?

    ASCALE worktops offer numerous advantages, such as being one of the most hygienic products on the market due to their zero porosity preventing the proliferation of mould and bacteria. They are also waterproof and completely UV-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use. In addition, these sintered porcelain slabs are resistant to extreme cold, frost, scratches, and impacts. They are also highly resistant to chemical agents and stains, which means that everyday cleaning products will be more than enough to keep them clean.

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