On the surface, a kitchen plinth might seem to go unnoticed as it occupies the space underneath base cabinets to cover the gap to the floor. But it remains a vital component of creating a highly functional and streamlined room. Especially in frequently used and high-traffic areas. Therefore, the choice of plinths demands ample consideration from homeowners.

The primary role of plinths is to conceal the active part of the kitchen or bathroom. Similarly, it solves the potentially ugly look of units and creates the impression that your cabinets are seamless. However, they can do much more than cover up the wrong side of things!

Here are three features you may not have known about plinths:

  • Great aesthetics – Plinths provide an attractive addition to any room with their variety of styles and materials
  • Impact protection – Plith provides impact protection for cabinets from accidental bumps or drops
  • Staining protection – Plinths also help protect against staining from spilt liquids

With a Variety of Shapes, Sizes, and Colours, There’s a Plinth for Everyone.

The WorkTop Library specialises in providing you with modern and reliable plinths and kickboards that complete the look of your kitchen with a panache. So, we have everything in our collection to suit your taste and budget if you require a plinth or skirting that pops out with colour or blends in with your kitchen style.

WorkTop Library’s range of plinths blends form and function. They create sophisticated and sleek aesthetics while keeping dirt, dust, and grime away from hard-to-reach spaces in your kitchen. Our commitment to quality means our customers get their hands on a stunning palette of materials, colours, and finishes for their plinths.

Therefore, our UK clients can choose from metallic finishes for industrial kitchens to natural tones and textures for a more disguised plinth with an earthy appeal. Our promise? Long-lasting and affordable plinths, cut and installed to measure.

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