Kitchen upstands always carry a certain appeal for the discerning customer, thanks to their form and functionality. Typically up to 100 mm in height, kitchen upstands are strips that sit at the junction between your worktop and the wall. Not only does an upstand add an impressive deluxe finish to a modern kitchen, but it also prevents crumbs and liquids from slipping behind the cabinets. Moreover, it is a trendy alternative to backsplashes and tiles and is very easy to clean.

a photo of a kitchen with upstands in Silestone Ethereal Glow

The Best Way To Avoid a Spill

Upstands are the newest way to keep your drinks safe and spill-free. A marble upstand is a perfect accessory if you’re looking for a way to add a touch of style to your home. With various colours and styles to choose from, our marble upstands are the ideal way to add a little personality to your space. Not only that these keep the kitchen looking clean and tidy, but they also prevent damage to your walls.

WorkTop Library is proud to feature a stunning range of high-quality upstands that can pair extraordinarily well with our exquisite worktops. Choose from gorgeous granite upstands or eye-catching quartz upstands in rich finishes like matt, high-gloss, sparkly, and more.

Made-to-measure, our upstands add a contemporary look to today’s modular kitchens. Their functionality lies in exceptional heat resistance and ease of maintenance. Our experts always recommend the right upstand solution – whether standalone or combined with splashbacks.

Upstands: The Must-Have Accessory For Your Kitchen

Installing an upstand makes a perfect accessory if you’re looking for a way to add style to your home. Not only do they keep the kitchen looking crisp and new, but they are also easy to clean (Just wipe down). With various natural and engineered stones, an upstand is a perfect addition to any kitchen.

Moreover, our upstands will come to your rescue if your kitchen countertop has troublesome gaps in the wall. Also, when you require a solution to paper over the uneven or damaged wall surface. Our expert stonemasons ensure your favourite upstand, even and smooth installation with the best silicone sealants available. Our upstands comprise the finest materials and add a touch of luxury to any kitchen. Choose various natural stones such as marble, limestone, quartzite, slate, or a granite upstand.

If you prefer modern styles, you can choose a quartz upstand to find the perfect match for your kitchen. Similarly, you can select a porcelain upstand when you need a slim protecting surface on your walls. Starting at 8mm thickness, our lightweight porcelain materials are a great solution to protect high walls or areas that are difficult to reach.

Do you want to know more about our collection of stones, quartz and porcelain to design perfect upstands?

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