Dekton Worktops Marylebone – Dekton Nacre Installation

a photo of Dekton Nacre 2cm worktops

Our client’s kitchen renovation in December last year became our first worktop installation in 2024. The Dekton Worktops Marylebone focused on refreshing worn-out work surfaces at a property next to the Edel Assanti Art Gallery at Titchfield Street.


Our First Installation of 2024 with the Perfect Sintered Stone


The architect recognized the aesthetic significance of this innovative type of porcelain worktop resembling a mix of micro-cement and plaster non-as a focal point in the kitchen.

Factors such as thicknesses, functionality, costs, and practicality were considered when exploring replacement options, ranging from quartz and marble to ultra-compact stone and beige concrete.

Dekton Nacre sample


Opting for Dekton Nacre: A Durable Natural Stone Appearance

After careful deliberation, the choice fell on a sintered stone worktop from Dekton to achieve a desired natural stone appearance capable of withstanding the demands of working life and frequent cooking in the slim kitchen with limited work surfaces.


‘Dekton Velvet’: A Beautiful and Durable Choice

The decision led to installing Dekton Nacre in a matt finish known as ‘Dekton Velvet’, a beautiful and durable choice that aligned with the client’s preference for the simplicity and timelessness of warm concrete worktops.

The subtle beige of Nacre complemented the inviting kitchen, providing an elegant backdrop without overpowering the cosy decor.

Dekton Nacre worktop slab

Ultracompact Surfaces: Refreshing Titchfield Street

Ultracompact surfaces, comprising glass, granite, quartz, and other raw minerals, offered a versatile range of options, with Dekton boasting over 70 choices.

The site’s contractor appreciated the material’s resistance to staining and its lightweight features, making it an easy-to-clean and easy-to-install alternative to natural concrete.

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Seamless Installation Process by The Worktop Library

The seamless process of measuring and fitting the worktops involved our experienced fitters using specific tools to obtain precise measurements in under an hour.


Dekton Nacre: Tailored Specifications for Enhanced Durability

The worktops, tailored to specifications, were delivered within a week, featuring a 20mm thickness, a bevelled edge for higher durability against accidental impacts, and matching full-height splashbacks to enhance the overall aesthetic.


Swift Transformation: Results Beyond Expectations

Installation by The Worktop Library’s specialist fitters was swift, transforming the kitchen in the morning. The results surpassed expectations, enhancing the space’s visual appeal and practicality.

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