Arklam Calacatta Paonazzo Worktop Installation Streatham

Our client was renovating a house in Streatham, and we have been discussing worktops for her new kitchen. Initially drawn towards the classiness of a Calacatta marble effect quartz, our client veered towards a path less travelled. A desire to infuse her space with distinctiveness led her to embrace the unconventional, rebelling standards to craft a separate kitchen space.

Response to Add Flair to this Home Renovation

Arklam Calacatta Paonazzo Worktop Installation Streatham

In response to this yearning for uniqueness, sintered porcelain emerged as the surface providing hyper-realistic marble veining suitability for a flush-mounted hob installation which was a concern.
After showing our client samples several samples and arranging a slab viewing appointment at our partnering yard in Battersea, she was immediately captivated by the elegant and luxurious appearance of the Arklam Calacatta Paonazzo sintered porcelain slab. The striking white background with delicate grey veining with flashes of gold and blue perfectly complemented the modern aesthetic and blue cabinets she desired for her new kitchen. This artful emulation of marble veins elevates the style and functionality of this traditionally styled kitchen.

Unmatched marble veining for worktops and splashbacks

In addition, this Paonazzo marble-like stone is ideal for matching full-height splashbacks and shelves, mitred to 60 mm thickness for further visual impact. We assured our client that the Arklam Calacatta Paonazzo worktop would not only enhance the visual appeal of her kitchen but also provide exceptional durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and heat.
And the grand finale of our Arklam porcelain worktop installation project? A delightful twist that evokes a chuckle. The team at Herringbone Kitchens, the supplier of our client’s cabinets, was so smitten by the transformation that they playfully suggested wage hikes for our skilled fitters. After all, who could have guessed that installing worktops could be a ticket to a potential raise?

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