Ascale Vagli Gold in a Period-Style Kitchen

This Ascale Vagli Gold Period Kitchen results from a brilliant discovery by our savvy customer, Tasha. Seeking to renovate her period kitchen in London’s Islington, Tasha turned to us via WhatsApp for a durable and elegant solution. Her desire for practicality and glamorous style led us to suggest various natural and porcelain options, including Arabescato Oro Verde marble, Dekton Aura, Neolith Calacatta, and exciting new additions from our Ascale porcelain collection.

Ascale Vagli Gold in a Period Kitchen

Out of these options, the Ascale Vagli Gold was the perfect match for Tasha’s space. Firstly, because Tasha needed a material that could withstand the rigours of daily life while remaining easy to clean. Secondly, after comparing polished and soft matte finishes, the shiny version showcased an unmatched sheen that beautifully echoed Tasha’s desired aesthetic.

The glossy finish also accentuated the porcelain’s natural veining and golden hues, indulging her space. Taking the elegance a step further, we installed a matching full-height splashback, continuing the flow of veins to create a stunning contrast against the kitchen countertops.

Tasha’s initial idea to place this as a backsplash behind the cooking area brilliantly enhances the kitchen’s focal point.

Smart Investment

With an Ascale Vagli Gold slab measuring 320x160mm, covering up to 5.12 m2, our client achieved a seamless, unified look using the same material for the worktop and wall. This heightened the visual appeal and gave the impression of a more spacious and open area.

Remarkably, the final cost of these worktops was about 50% lower than similar marble materials, thanks to the oversized slab that generated less than 15% material wastage. Tasha’s decision to invest in the Ascale Vagli Gold slab was wise, given its stunning appearance, durability, and practicality.

Moreover, the Ascale Vagli Gold boasts a non-porous nature, eliminating the need for sealants. Its selection was driven by its strength and resilience against heat, scratches, and stains.

Tara’s Period Kitchen has truly evolved into a masterpiece. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, Tasha has successfully intertwined timeless beauty with contemporary functionality. The subtle gold accents serve as a testament to Tasha’s refined taste, resulting in a kitchen that’s both cosy and captivating.

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