Dekton Worktops London West End

Transforming Titchfield St with Dekton Worktops in London’s West End

A prominent construction firm based in Barnet and an award-winning architecture firm from London with over two decades in the market collaborated with The Worktop Library to enhance Titchfield St. The project involved crucial decisions on worktop materials, explicitly focusing on Dekton surfaces. 

Here’s the project’s breakdown from Maria Noelia Kairuz, Operations Manager at The Worktop Library, the Building Contractor, and the Architects specifying the material:

Stunning Dekton Worktops London West End


Specifications Highlights:

  1. 1. Material Selection:

The Architects chose Dekton Nacre because of its elegant and minimalist finish, making it an excellent choice for homes and offices looking for a light and warm tone without stark brightness.

Nacre is a shade of cream or beige, offering a versatile and sophisticated look well-suited for various design styles. Additionally, there was a cost-saving using 20mm Dekton slabs for the worktops and ultra-thin 8mm slabs for the backsplashes.

  1. 2. Edge Style Decision:

The initial specification for the Titchfield St project of our Dekton Worktops London West End called for a straight-edge worktop. However, upon careful consideration and in line with our commitment to providing the best solutions, we recommended, and the client accepted, a bevel edge profile instead.

This decision was driven by our experience, emphasizing the bevel edge’s superior durability and higher impact resistance. We aim always to ensure that the chosen worktop meets and exceeds the client’s expectations, delivering enhanced functionality for this central London office and studio.

  1. 3. Fabrication Details

Kitchen worktops and splashbacks in Dekton Nacre 20mm

(Slab dimensions: 3200x1440mm, x 2 slabs required)

Kitchen Worktops

Worktop 1: 2040x930mm (hob run)

Worktop 2: 3106x800mm (1.5 bowl sink run, reducing to 620mm width)

Worktop 3: 951x430mm 

Worktop 4: 220x150mm (small return)


Splashback 1: 2040x380mm

Splashback 2: 2338x380mm

Splashback 3: 242x380mm

Splashback 4: 300x380mm

Cutouts and Edge Profile

1x tap hole

1x rough hob cut out

x 2 double socket cutouts for splashbacks

1x under-mounted sink cut out

Bevel edge polished profile 


The collaboration resulted in a seamless decision-making process, with the chosen Dekton worktops meeting aesthetic and functional requirements. The effective communication and expertise showcased by The Worktop Library played a crucial role in the success of the Titchfield St project for these Dekton Worktops London West End.


Our Dekton worktops installation photos from this case study highlight the importance of clear communication and expert guidance in selecting and implementing Dekton countertops. The collaborative effort between The Worktop Library, The Building Contractor, and the Architects resulted in a successful transformation of Titchfield St in London’s West End.

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