The term “Lappato” is used in ceramic and porcelain tiles to refer to a semi-gloss finish that is less reflective than an entirely glossed finish but still has a subtle sheen. This type of finish is often applied with natural tiles, which have a matte finish and provide little or no sheen. Lappato-finish worktops are frequent in areas where a highlight or accent improves aesthetics, such as a bathroom or kitchen space.


The Lappato finish in ceramic and porcelain refers to a shiny texture added to the tile’s surface, giving it a semi-gloss appearance. This finish is distinct from natural tiles, which have a matte finish with little to no sheen.


Worktops often use this semi-gloss texture alongside natural-finish tiles to create a balanced and modern look. They offer a compromise between high shine and completely matte tiles. This finish is prevalent in areas with highlights or accents, such as hallways and kitchen entrances.


“Lappato” is offered by Italian ceramic and porcelain brands, such as Infinity Surfaces and Caesar Ceramics. This type of finish is often used in classic and traditional design themes, providing a subtle sheen. Semi-gloss finish ceramic worktops are typically used where a highlight or accent is desired without creating a reflective surface.

Cleaning and maintenance of Lappato Finishes

When selecting a worktop or backsplash that offers easy maintenance, a Lappato finish could be your ideal choice. Unlike some materials that may require complex upkeep or rigorous cleaning, a semi-gloss surface has the luxury of simplicity in its care routine.

This semi-glossy finish has inherent features that make its maintenance relatively easy. It’s essentially an almost polished finish surface, which means it uses specific tools that provide the finish during manufacture. If cared for minimally, the finish retains its semi-glossy appearance.

Built with practicality and beauty in mind, this surface finish doesn’t need any particular material for cleaning. A simple wipe with a non-abrasive cloth is often sufficient to restore its delicate sheen. Additionally, it is less porous than most other finishes and less prone to becoming stained or harbouring damaging viruses.

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