Leather Finish

Leather Finish

Leather finish is a textured, matte surface for natural stone using abrasion to enhance natural patterns and colours. Prevalent for worktops, it’s less reflective, resists marks, and demands less maintenance than polished finishes.


What distinguishes marble, granite, quartzite, and leather marble?

Each material has unique characteristics and finishes. Leathered finishes provide a textured, matte appearance, enhancing natural qualities with practical benefits in maintenance and aesthetics.


How does leathered granite differ from other finishes?

Leathered granite exhibits a textured, matte appearance, ideal for outdoor applications and spaces desiring a less reflective finish.


What makes leathered quartzite distinct from polished quartzite?

Polished quartzite offers classic elegance, while leathered quartzite boasts a modern, trendy matte, textured look, providing a unique finish.


What is leather marble, and how does it differ from polished marble?

Leather marble features a textured, matte finish, offering a unique aesthetic. It is less prone to showing watermarks and fingerprints compared to polished marble.


Popular leather finishes in marble, granite, and quartzite


Leathered Quartzite

Quartzite with a leathered finish is prevalent in pale, neutral colours such as cream, beige, and grey, with light veining similar to marble. Some trending quartzites are:

  • 1. Taj Mahal 
  • 2. Bianco Eclipse 
  • 3. White Macaubas 
  • 4. Calacatta Mont Blanc 
  • 5. Belvedere

Leathered Granite

Popular leathered granite finishes include:

  • 1. Cosmic Black Granite
  • 2. Fusion Black Granite 
  • 3. Emerald Pearl Granite
  • 4. Matrix Granite 
  • 5. Black Pearl Granite
  • 6. Black Forest Granite

Leathered Marble

Certain types of marble also come in a leather finish, offering a unique and textured aesthetic. Prevalent marbles are:

  • 1. Forest Brown
  • 2. Grigio Imperial
  • 3. White Carrara
  • 4. Grigio Marquina



While leather finishes offer unique aesthetic and practical benefits, it’s essential to consider the potential weaknesses, such as price, maintenance, and their impact on small spaces, before choosing this finish for a specific application.


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