Lucidato finish in ceramic and porcelain refers to a glossy or polished surface that enhances the appearance of the worktop and makes it more reflective. It is often used to describe work surfaces with a high-gloss finish, which helps improve the appearance of the countertop and makes it more reflective. This type of finish is prevalent in areas where an elegant, modern look is desired, such as contemporary kitchens or bathrooms.


Lucidato is a finish in ceramic and porcelain that refers to a polished finish. It is prevalent in surfaces with a high-gloss finish, which improves the sheen of the worktop and makes it shinier.


Used in manufacturing processes with porcelain and ceramic work surfaces.


“Lucidato” is used by Italian-originated ceramic and porcelain brands, such as Marazzi The Top, Laminam Ceramic, and Infinity Surfaces. This type of finish is often used with polished slabs, which have a glossy finish and provide a high sheen. Polished-finish ceramic surfaces are typically used where a highlight or accent is desired, such as an entry or reception area.

In Uniceramica worktops, the Lucidato finish is used to create a polished version of the marble-effect ceramic tiles, which makes the surface brilliant and reflective. In the Laminam worktop collection, the Lucidato finish creates a gloss finish for the porcelain slabs, while the Naturale finish creates a matt finish.

This type of worktop finish is suitable for indoor rather than outdoor projects and can be used for countertops, kitchen islands, breakfast bars, vanity tops, and wall or floor tiles.

Cleaning and maintenance of Lucidato Finishes

When selecting a work surface that offers easy maintenance, a Lucidato finish could be your ideal choice. Unlike some materials that may require complex upkeep or rigorous polishing, a lucidato surface has the luxury of simplicity in its care routine. 

This glossy finish has inherent features that make its maintenance relatively easy. It’s essentially a polished finish surface, which means it uses polishing pads that harden the finish during manufacture. If cared for minimally, the finish retains its glossy appearance, as porcelain countertops and ceramic worktops resist scratches, markings, and even water or solvent spillages very effectively. 

Built with practicality and beauty in mind, a Lucidato surface doesn’t need any particular material for cleaning. A simple wipe with a non-abrasive cloth is often sufficient to restore its stunning lustre. Additionally, it is less porous than most other finishes and less prone to becoming stained or harbouring harmful bacteria. 

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