Mitred Edge

Mitred Edge

A mitred edge in a worktop seamlessly joins two stone pieces at a 45-degree angle, creating a thicker look. It’s also used for upstands, corners and niche pieces in various materials. Mitred edges are prevalent for a clean, seamless appearance.

Image showing two white marble pieces at a 45-degree angle forming a mitred edge, set against a black background
A mitred edge joins two pieces at a 45-degree angle, forming a 90-degree edge.


Mitred Edge Worktops

The function of mitred edges for worktops is to create a seamless and luxurious appearance, giving the illusion of a thicker slab of natural or engineered stone. Once two or more edges are cut at 45-degree angles, stonemasons connect the pieces at a 90-degree edge, resulting in a seamless continuation from one surface to the other. Mitred edging allows the design of continuous veining and patterns, providing a highly aesthetic feature to the kitchen worktops.

Neolith Pierre Blue worktops mitred edge
A photo showcasing a 45-degree mitred edge seamlessly connecting the Neolith Sintered stone worktop and the end panel.



Kitchen Island Waterfall with Mitred Edges

A Kitchen Island Waterfall with Mitred Edges offers a high-end design where the worktop goes down the sides of the island, creating a continuous pattern flow from the worktop’s surface to the side panels, often reaching the floor. This design process is also known as a ‘mitred end.

Techlam Marvel Gold kitchen island with mitred edges

Wrap Around the Island with mitred Edges.

You can use the waterfall edge with mitred edges to create a “wrap-around island” for an opulent look. Besides being a stunning focal feature for kitchen islands, mitred edges act as a shield and protect the cabinets they cover,

neolith Zaha stone kitchen island wrap around mitred edges


Mitre Edges for Niche-Miter Niches

Applying mitred edges to a niche ensures the absence of visible joints, resulting in a minimalistic and cohesive look.

Applications of a Niche With Mitred Edging

Installing a niche in kitchens saves space and creates a surface for organising items like containers or accessories. Niches featuring mitred edging are prevalent near TV units, entertainment spaces, or home cinemas, offering an ideal location for placing remote controls, joysticks, and various other devices. This design optimises functionality and adds a luxurious touch to the overall aesthetic.

Cambria Quartz Hermitage bathroom niche
A photo of a niche in a bathroom using mitred edging on quartz surfaces


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