Rough Finish

Rough Finish

A texture from the brand Caesarstone for a quartz surface option that provides a soft-rugged and tactile feel to the worktop. This finish mimics the appearance of rough concrete, adding an industrial and contemporary aesthetic to the design. Caesarstone worktops in Rough offer a unique texture that enhances the visual interest of the surface, making it a popular choice for modern and urban-inspired designs.

Which Caesarstone colours are available in the Rough finish?

Here are the five Caesarstone Rough-finish colours:

Airy Concrete

Airy Concrete Rough embodies an industrial-chic light grey quartz worktop, imitating real concrete with textured surfaces. Its low-reflective, matte finish accentuates its rugged appeal, making it perfect for modern spaces.

a close-up photo of Caesarstone Airy Concrete Rough finish worktop

Cloudburst Concrete

Caesarstone’s Cloudburst Concrete in the Rough texture is a captivating quartz countertop, echoing fresh cement with textured surfaces. Its minimal reflective matte appearance suits contemporary and industrial styles, boasting dynamic white mineral swirls atop a grey base for added depth and character.

a close-up of a Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete Worktop in a green kitchen


Primordia in the Rough texture captures an industrial, oxidized aesthetic with a light concrete base and mineral splotches in off-whites, greys, rusts, yellows, and greens. This finish replicates rough concrete, adding depth and character to any space with its textured surface. The unique blend of colours and mineral accents makes it ideal for contemporary and urban-inspired kitchens.

a close-up of a Caesarstone Primordia worktop in a rough finish in a pink kitchen

Rugged Concrete

Caesarstone’s Rugged Concrete belongs to the Metropolitan Collection and offers a rugged texture that reflects the authentic patinas of industrial materials. With varying grey textures and a rugged matte quartz finish, it is a distinct surface ideal for an urban aesthetic.

a photo of a Caesarstone Rugged Concrete kitchen island waterfall, a plant and four chairs

Topus Concrete

Caesarstone Topus Concrete is another design from the Metropolitan Collection, available in a Rough finish for distinguished quartz worktop designs. It offers a rugged and tactile experience. Its unique texture blends roughness with smoothness, creating a visually striking and engaging surface. The warm, grey base is adorned with delicate mineral formations, rugged patinas, and pastel-pink undertones, enhancing the countertop’s depth and character.

a photo of a Caesarstone Topus Concrete worktop in a Rough finish and an orange wall behind

Maintenance of the Rough worktops with rugged texture

To maintain Caesarstone worktops with a Rough finish, follow these care instructions:

Everyday Cleaning:

  • • Wipe with warm, soapy water and a kitchen cloth.
  • • Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • • Clean up spills promptly.
  • • Test cleaning products first.

Stubborn Stains

  • • Gently rub with an approved cleaner and soft cloth.
  • • Clean a larger area.
  • • Rinse and dry.

Dried Spills:

  • • Soak in water, then clean with a damp cloth.

Metal Marks:

  • • Use Barkeeper’s Friend® or oxalic acid on a wet cloth.
  • • Avoid abrasive scourers.
  • • Preventing Patina:
  • • Wipe spills promptly.
  • • Keep the surface dry.

Additional Maintenance Tips:

  • • Avoid plant oil-based soaps.
  • • Deep clean monthly.
  • • Avoid harsh chemicals.
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