Velluto Finish


The Italian word “Velluto” translates to “velvet” in English. Velvet is a soft fabric characterized by a thick layer of shortcut threads on one side, known for its luxurious and smooth texture.


The Velluto finish is a velvety textured surface with a matte finish and a soft sheen, providing a sumptuous and elegant appearance. This finish offers a soft and smooth touch, resembling the texture of velvet. 

It is maintenance-friendly, making it a practical choice for various applications such as kitchen worktops, bathrooms, wall cladding, tabletops, and reception desks. 

Quartz brands offering Velluto surfaces

Unistone Velluto finish

The Velluto finish by Unistone combines warmth and durability and is comparable to Silestone’s Suede Finish, making it a prevalent choice for those seeking a refined and stylish surface option.

Unistone Velluto slabs are stocked in Belgium and typically take 3 weeks to arrive in the UK from ordering.

Velluto Finish Price

The Velluto finish is 10% more expensive than a polished finish, the standard for quartz surfaces. This is due to the treatment the slabs receive, which results in textures with a high level of personalization and detail.

Comparison of Velluto Finish vs other non-reflective textures

CharacteristicsVelvety texture with a matte finish.Textured surface resembling leather.Natural, weathered appearance.Smooth, flat surface with a matte finish.
AdvantagesLuxurious appearance, soft touch.Unique tactile feel, rustic appearance.Natural look, subtle colour variations.Smooth, flat surface with a matte finish.
LimitationsIt requires a thorough cleaning of refined grains like sugar and salt.Susceptible to staining in natural stones if not properly sealedDurable but may show wear over time.Shows watermarks and fingerprints.
DurabilityHighly durable.Moderately durable, requires periodic resealing.Durable and resistant to scratching.Durable, but may show wear over time.
MaintenanceEasy to clean with mild soap and water.Moderately durable, requires periodic and annual resealing.Regular cleaning with mild soap.Easy to clean with non-abrasive cleaners.
AestheticSumptuous and elegant look.Adds depth and character to the space.Provides a natural, textured look.Offers a classic, understated look.

Factors to Consider

  1. 1. Durability: Velluto and honed finishes offer high durability, but Velluto requires a thorough cleaning, and honed finishes may require periodic resealing to maintain their appearance. Leather and brushed finishes are similarly durable but may show wear over time.
  2. 2. Maintenance Requirements: Velluto and honed finishes are relatively simple to clean with soap and water. In contrast, leather and brushed finishes from natural stone worktops may require specific cleaning products and more frequent maintenance, such as resealing.
  3. 3. Aesthetic Preferences: Velluto and leather finishes provide a luxurious and tactile feel, while brushed and honed finishes offer a more natural and understated appearance. These are highly personal factors and should be given due consideration. 
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