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Caesarstone Lumena kitchen
Caesarstone Lumena kitchen island warp around
Caesarstone Lumena porcelain
Caesarstone Lumena kitchen worktops
Caesarstone Lumena kitchen worktop
Caesarstone Lumena worktops
Caesarstone Lumena countertops
Caesarstone Lumena sample
An image of a Caesarstone Lumena porcelain slab

Caesarstone Lumena

Lumena is a marble-effect honed porcelain worktop with the same delicate grey lines and white background that have long piqued the interest of interior designers and architects. 

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

Laminate and quartz, for example, cannot be used externally, while wood is highly susceptible to weather temperatures and water. Similarly, these worktop materials cannot withstand intense heat on their surface.

But Caesarstone porcelain can withstand extremely high temperatures and direct heat on its surface. In addition, it is outdoor suitable, the sun does not alter its colour, and it does not require sealing treatments.

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