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Dekton Avorio kitchen island
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Dekton Avorio worktop
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Dekton Avorio slab

Dekton Avorio

Thanks to its controlled pattern and design fluidity, Dekton Avorio allows home users and professionals to utilise a single surface material across the entire project, achieving cohesiveness whilst saving costs in different sourcing materials for every room. Avorio is a one-in-all worktop material suitable for indoor and outdoor situations. Read More

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

Marble and limestone, for example, require periodic sealing, while wood is highly prone to staining. But Dekton doesn't stain or discolour, and it does not require sealants or additional protection treatments.

With revolutionary design and manufacturing blended with gorgeous raw materials, the Dekton slabs offer a new way to decorate interiors and outdoors without compromising perfect functionality.

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