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Marazzi Verde Aver kitchen worktops
Marazzi Verde Aver vanity top mitred front edge
Marazzi Verde Aver kitchen worktop
Marazzi Verde Aver kitchen island
Marazzi Verde Aver floor tiles
Marazzi Verde Aver bathroom worktops
Marazzi Verde Aver satin sample
Marazzi Verde Aver worktop slab

Marazzi Verde Aver

Marazzi Verde Aver defining characteristic is the white and grey veins across its green background. As a result, it is appropriate for interior furnishings, such as kitchen worktops, splashbacks, and floors—both inside and outside homes and offices. Read More

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

Marble can etch when exposed to acids. Likewise, quartz can discolour when exposed to sunlight for long periods. But Marazzi The Top is unaffected by acidic substances doesn't require sealants and is suitable indoors and outdoors. In addition, it is 100% non-absorbent, ensuring total sanitation. It resists high temperatures and is fireproof.


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