A collection by Cosentino Dekton with innovative fluted tiles developed in collaboration with designer Claudia Afshar. This textured sensation introduces linear fluting, offering comfortable indulgence and seamlessly combining aesthetics and durability.

Inspired by Japanese and modern design principles and the meaning of “living in the moment”, Ukiyo evokes tranquillity and refinement whilst merging cutting-edge design, sustainability, irresistible textures and symmetric shapes for stylish projects.

Key Features:

  • Linear fluting for distinctive depth.
  • Ready-to-install fluted tiles in matte finish.
  • Fluting options: GV2 (25mm spacing, 5mm wide, 3mm deep) and GV3 (11mm spacing, 4mm wide and deep).
  • Available in tile size 17.7 inches by 118 inches.
  • Selection of five Dekton colours: Bromo, Kreta, Nacre, Umber, and Rem.

Design Philosophy:

[u-key-yo] encapsulates Claudia Afshar’s vision of timeless elegance. The collection perfectly balances calm minimalism and a romantic yet contemporary flair. Its calming effect and simplistic allure make it suitable for diverse applications, enhancing spaces with a touch of sophistication.

Sustainability and Application:

Dekton aligns with Cosentino’s commitment to sustainability. Total life cycle carbon neutral Dekton products ensure environmental responsibility. Designed for vertical cladding applications, Ukiyo is versatile and suitable for facades, fireplaces, custom furniture, and more.

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