Dekton Ukiyo

We introduce you to the new Dekton Ukiyo finish with a groundbreaking textured collection blending liveable luxury with the enduring strength of sintered stone.

Ukiyo: Ultracompact Surface with patterned grooves

Inspired by Japanese minimalism

Specially designed for vertical cladding, Ukiyo comes in a matte finish with two fluting options.

Ukiyo, translating to “live in the moment,” celebrates minimalism and the present. It will immerse you in a rich palette of sensations with geometric yet smooth structures for flowing designs.


Sustainable Selection

Dekton Ukiyo is part of Cosentino’s complete life cycle of carbon-neutral products chosen for sustainability and high-performance capabilities. Ideal for facades, fireplaces, custom furniture, and beyond.


Handpicked Colour Palette

Claudia Afshar curated five Dekton designs for Ukiyo, offering a distinct visual language, allowing versatile applications and 


Why choose Uyiko Finish from Dekton?


Dekton Uyiko is a sintered stone surface with exceptional durability, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Ultra-Compact: Comprising a mix of porcelain, glass, and natural quartz minerals, it is an incredibly dense, non-porous, and hardwearing surface.
  • Versatile: It is suitable for design applications, including kitchen and bathroom worktops, walls, floors, tiles, and more.
  • Durability: Dekton Uyko resists scratches, stains, impact, and UV rays, making it an ideal material for high-traffic areas such as kitchen worktops and flooring.
  • Heat Resistant: It can withstand scorching temperatures without burning or cracking.

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Design Freedom for Every Space

Timeless Appeal

Transcending trends, offering enduring elegance and enduring beauty for spaces that stand the test of time.

Patterned Grooves

A unique grooving feature rarely found in porcelain surfaces, adding a touch of distinction to your spaces.

Varied Thicknesses

Choose from 4mm, 8mm, 12mm and 20mm thick porcelain work surfaces.

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Ukiyo: Ultracompact Surface with patterned grooves


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  • Who Designed Dekton Ukiyo?

    Dekton Ukiyo is a collaboration between Cosentino and British designer Claudia Afshar.

  • What makes Dekton Ukiyo unique?

    What sets Ukiyo apart is its ability to showcase photorealistic patterns through grooved surfaces.

  • Is Dekton Ukiyo available in all colours?

    No. The Dekton Ukiyo finish launches in a selection of five designs: Bromo, Rem, Nacre, Umber, and Kreta.

  • Which colour tones does Dekton Ukiyo offer?

    Dekton Ukiyo offers five colour tones: 1. A dark grey tone inspired by slate featuring a subtle gradient from Dekton Bromo. 2. A concrete-inspired surface in light grey from Dekton Kreta. 3. A creamy stone that oscillates between fine micro-cement lime stucco, including watermarks from Dekton Nacre. 4. A clay-inspired terracotta slab with a natural reddish pigment from Dekton Umber. 5. A white backdrop with a grey evening inspired by the natural Calacatta Lincoln Marble from Dekton Rem.

  • What is are the thicknesses available for Dekton Ukiyo?

    Dekton Ukiyo is available in 8 and 12-mm thicknesses and two structured patterns that transform the identity of interior cladding. The number of surface grooves is 15, and the spacing between them is 25 mm. 

Latest Materials


Latest Materials



All our Dekton work surfaces come with an available manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years, making it a wise, long term investment for your home or business.

Dekton Ukiyo Colourways: A Symphony of Tones


Bromo: Dark grey inspired by slate, perfect for various environments.


Kreta: Calm movement, inspired by classic cement floors.


Nacre: Engaging movement with trowel marks and silky finish.


Umber: Timeless terracotta, warm and connected to nature.


Rem: Intricate design with brown and grey veining and hints of gold.

Grooves Dimensions

  • GV2

    25mm spaced grooves, 5mm wide and 3mm deep.

  • GV3

    Offers 11mm spaced grooves, 4mm wide and deep.

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