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Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil kitchen island
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil 20mm
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil kitchen worktop mitred edge
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil worktop
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil kitchen worktops
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil kitchen island wrap around
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil splashback
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil worktop slashback
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil tabletop
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil sample
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil worktop slab

Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil

The light beige and white tones Of Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil complement the modern home architecture and are ideal for combining them with rustic wooden tiles making it glow in any space. This stone gives your rooms all the comfort of the delicate cream marble look of Crema Marfil but with all the advantages of a lasting, minimal care quartz worktop. Read More

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

  1. Supreme: Each slab embodies the incredible sturdiness of natural quartz minerals. Caesarstone worktops are robust stone slabs because they comprise raw minerals quartz crystals that are among the hardest (third hardest, after diamond and ruby). In addition, Caesarstone employs 90% clean quartz granules, colours and adhesive to create the most durable materials in ;the world.
  2. Sanitary: Caesarstone quartz worktops provide added user-friendliness and health security. Quartz worktops comprise strict manufacturing practices ;to ensure that both the production and material fulfil the most rigorous safety standards. Our Caesarstone kitchen worktops are non-toxic, do not emit volatile compounds and don't require protective sealants. In addition, their non-absorbent surface keeps viruses and germs away for complete safety.
  3. Revolutionary: Caesarstone's technical know-how, attention, and quality translate quartz into ground-breaking worktops. Caesarstone originated quartz worktops in 1987, employing modern proprietary technology still in use today. The brand capitalizes on quartz's exceptional properties, making it the ideal material for homes and offices.
  4. Creative Appeal: Quartz worktops result from years of reflected development and architectural enthusiasm. Quartz allows for significant freedom and creativity, mixing aesthetic with endurance in unique designs, rich hues, and various finishes. A vital element is a spirit for innovation that motivates Caesarstone to explore the frontiers of quartz worktops.

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