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a kitchen with ample windows and a CRL Quartz Savannah kitchen island
a kitchen with a glass roof and CRL Quartz Savannah worktops and kitchen island
a splashback and worktop made from CRL Quartz Savannah
a 20mm thick CRL Quartz Savannah worktop
a CRL Quartz Savannah kitchen island in 20mm thickness
a CRL Quartz Savannah kitchen worktop in a luminous kitchen
a CRL Quartz Savannah work surface with vases, a glass and a jar
a CRL Quartz Savannah worktop and splashback, a tap, glasses, and a white bowl
a splashback in CRL Quartz Savannah with a glasses on a quartz shelf
an image of a CRL Quartz Savannah sample
an image of a CRL Quartz Savannah slab

CRL Quartz Savannah

CRL Quartz Savannah is a large-size worktop material that faithfully replicates the famous Grey Savannah marble, but it adds a modern twist and beige warming tones. Moreover, Savannah quartz looks like natural beige marble thanks to its intricate veins, distinctive chocolate brown specks and delicate brown lines. Read More

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

Environment-Friendly: Natural materials and industrial waste are used to produce quartz countertops. This promotes waste reduction, material reuse, and sustainable practices.

Durable: Due to the inherent characteristics of quartz, this material is highly resistant to regular wear and tear. You can use these countertops to cut and peel as per your culinary requirements.

Heat Resistant: When exposed to fire, it does not burn or generate smoke. Neither does it emit toxic substances on exposure to high temperatures.

Easy to fabricate: It can be effortlessly customised to accommodate your requirements and easily installed.

Non-Porous: CRL Quartz countertops are non-porous and hygienic. So, you need not worry about bacteria, odour, mould growth, etc.

Stain-Resistant: Cook without being burdened with the efforts of cleaning up. Quartz is resistant to stains – so bid goodbye to cleaning woes.

Low maintenance: Mop your countertop surface evenly, and you are done. A simple washcloth and your regular soap or detergent will be enough to leave your countertop as good as new.

Elevate your space: Even with limited decor, the CRL Quartz Savannah provides an airy, clutter-free, and cosy feel. The light reflective shades of this luminous material create a sense of relaxed, open volume.

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