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a kitchen island wrap-around CRL Quartz Staccato 20mm thickness
a photo of a black kitchen, wooden cabinets and CRL Quartz Staccato worktops
a polished black CRL Quartz Staccato worktop
a photo of CRL Quartz Staccato worktops on white kitchen cabinets
a photo of a CRL Quartz Staccato kitchen island in a brown kitchen
a kitchen island wrap-around in CRL Quartz Staccato 20mm
an image of a CRL Quartz Staccato sample
an image of a CRL Quartz Staccato slab

CRL Quartz Staccato

CRL Quartz Staccato is a big-size quartz surface with a striking black marble design combining a deep black base and flashes of bright white veining, creating a crisp and sophisticated opposition. Read More

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

Eco-Friendly: Quartz countertops use natural materials and recycled industrial waste, promoting sustainability.

Durable: It resists wear and tear and is perfect for kitchen tasks like cutting and peeling.

Heat Resistant: Handles high temperatures without burning or emitting toxins.

Personalizable: Easily tailored to fit your needs and simple to install.

Hygienic: Non-porous surface prevents bacteria, odours, and mould growth.

Stain-Resistant: Cook without worry, as stains wipe off effortlessly.

Low Maintenance: A quick wipe with soap and water keeps it looking new.

Enhance Your Space: CRL Quartz adds a spacious, bright, and inviting ambience to any room, elevating your decor effortlessly.

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