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Neolith Iron Grey kitchen island worktop
Neolith Iron Grey built up edge
Neolith Iron Grey bbq worktop
Neolith Iron Grey sink
Neolith Iron Grey kitchen worktops
Neolith Iron Grey kitchen worktop london
Neolith Iron Grey sample
Neolith Iron Grey worktop slab

Neolith Iron Grey

Iron Grey stands out among metals due to its rusty textures that have aged and are defined by ancient dissonances, creating personality and attractiveness.

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Durable & Timeless Benefits


  • • Hygienic
  • • Non-porous
  • • Outdoor Suitable
  • • Resistant to staining
  • • Resistant to humidity
  • • Resistance to UV rays
  • • Resistant to detergents
  • • Resistance to chemicals ;
  • • Easy to clean and maintain
  • • Resistance to thermal shock
  • • Resistant to high temperatures
  • • Resistance to freezing-defrosting
  • • Resistant to scratching and abrasion

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