Sensa Taj Mahal kitchen
Sensa Taj Mahal worktop
Sensa Taj Mahal kitchen worktops
Sensa Taj Mahal kitchen worktop
Sensa Taj Mahal 20mm
Sensa Taj Mahal 20mm kitchen worktop
Sensa Taj Mahal kitchen island
Sensa Taj Mahal mirage
Sensa Taj Mahal kitchen island warp around
Sensa Taj Mahal quartzite
Sensa Taj Mahal worktop slab
Sensa Taj Mahal slab

Sensa Taj Mahal

Sensa Taj Mahal is a robust quartzite worktop with creamy and beige tones and refined white veins. Taj Mahal's mild hues make it an excellent option for the famous white marble worktops. You can design a space that mirrors Italian marble's crisp, sleek veins but with a warmer and vibrant look when combined with white, grey, or beige cabinetry. Read More

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

Sensa by Cosentino is a series of granite and quartzite worktops with significant benefits, such as the fact that there is no extra maintenance necessary and that it includes food contact certifications from the leading global entities.

Sensa chemically bonds into the molecular level of the stone due to its low weight.

Traditional sealers have a vast structure that reacts with the surface, but Sensa responds to the stone's molecular structure instead of only on its surface.

  • You don't need to seal again after the original application
  • It chemical bonds the stone, enabling it to breathe
  • It stays in the worktop's structure and is long-lasting.
  • Typical Household cleaning products do not affect it.

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