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a Technistone Crystal Steel kitchen with an island waterfall
a Technistone Crystal Steel kitchen island
Technistone Crystal Steel worktops
Technistone Crystal Steel quartz slab
Technistone Crystal Steel sample

Technistone Crystal Steel

The new design by Crystal Steel by Technistone offers uniqueness and originality, proving that it can inspire your interiors. The design has a modern, sophisticated look which adds life to any space. Read More

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

  • Breton Italian technology with European quality and precision
  • Advanced slab measurements for all colours
  • Colour & pattern consistency throughout the entire slab thickness
  • 90+% natural components
  • Recyclable materials in exclusive surface options
  • Flawless veins designs with jointless connecting pieces
  • Dense, compact & non-porous material poreless substance
  • Safe for health (anti-microbial) & food preparation (no volatile compounds)
  • Certifications & testing in line with EU & USA standards



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