Join happy homeowners in over 70+ countries that improved their daily lives, routines, and culinary experiences with high-quality Technistone quartz surfaces.

Technistone Worktops

Whether you are working on your home or business renovation, a new kitchen or innovative bathroom designs, our Technistone quartz surfaces are premium composite worktops satisfies even the highest standards of performance.

Technistone contains more than 90% genuine quartz and granite materials in a high-performance mix of resin, colour dyes, and other handpicked raw minerals to ensure excellent durability, consistency, and resilience.

As a result, Technistone is ideal for architectural designs in both interior commercial and residential projects due to its high quality, eternal design, excellent practical features, variety of uses, increased corrosion and chemical resistance, compactness, non-porousness, safety, and low absorbency.



Long lasting durability

Share memorable experiences for decades with surfaces that don't fade or degrade over time.


Comprehensive range of textures, colours, thicknesses, and finishes to suit your style

High scratch & stain resistance

A wonderful and robust worktop for interior projects in homes & businesses


Enjoy your time at home with a non-porous material without worrying about stains from wine, coffee, ketchup, and more. (EN 14617-1: 0,01-0,07 liquid absorption)

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All our Technistone quartz slabs for internal use come with a 25-year warranty.
You must record your purchase on the manufacturer’s website under “Warranty” in the “Customer Care” section (or follow this link)
The day the certified Worktop Library stonemasons install the work surfaces in the property’s interior is when your warranty becomes effective, completing your registration within 30 days.


  • What is Technistone

    TechniStone® is a luxurious surface comprising natural materials (quartz and granite) and a premium composite resin, colourants and glass or mirror particles. Thanks to the extremely sturdy large-size slabs, you can use this reinforced quartz stone in residential, public, and industrial projects. Technistone quartz provides top quality, home happiness, business success, with worktops high in mineral resources and meet rigorous standards, comprising, bespoke, and unique technologies.

    You can also watch the video below which explains everything you need to know about Technistone:

  • Technistone vs Silestone

    Technistone and Silestone are two types of engineered stone for worktops. Both materials comprise over 90% of natural quartz and use the leading BretonStone technology with exclusive rights in their respective countries.

    Wilsonart is an American company that owns Technistone and manufactures its products in the Czech Republic.

    Cosentino is a Spanish Group that owns Silestone, making its products in Spain.

    Here are the nine key differences and resemblances between these products from the brands:

    1. The number of designs/colours: Technistone offers 47 designs, and Silestone has 50 designs.
    2. Thicknesses: Both Technistone and Silestone offer three thicknesses ( 12 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm)
    3. Finishes: Technistone offers 4 finishes: Polished, Matt, Rained (matte & slightly textured) and Terra (natural). Silestone offers 3 finishes: Polished, Suede (matte & textured somewhat), and Volcano (heavily textured)
    4. Slab sizes: Technistone offers 3 slab sizes and Silestone 2. Technistone’ s usable area of its standard slab size is 305 × 144 cm, a Jumbo 155 usable slab size is 318,5 × 155 cm, and a Jumbo 160 usable slab size is 320 × 160 cm. Conversely, Silestone’s standard slab size is 306 x 144 cm, and the Silestone Jumbo slab size is 325 x 159 cm.
    5. Warranty: Both Technistone and Silestone offer a 25-year residential and transferrable warranty.
    6. Price: There is a 15% (lower) difference between the most economical Technistone colour and Silestone’s. Similarly, the most expensive Technistone colours cost 23% less than the same from Silestone. Note: because of distance, the delivery slab costs of Technistone are higher than Silestone’s, meaning that price differences become more evident as the number of slabs in an order increases.
    7. Porosity: Technistone and Silestone have an average porosity of 0,01-0,05%. According to the European Union’s requirements, both products fall within the natural and non-porous material categories.
    8. Flexibility: Technistone products boast an average 58.1(MPa) flexural strength and Silestone’s 32.5 (MPa), making both easy to shape and cut.
    9. Cleaning & Maintenance: Technistone and Silestone are readily non-absorbent and don’t require sealants. To clean the surfaces, use conventional household detergents or window cleaning sprays. Then, wipe them with a cloth.
  • How to clean Technistone

    To clean Technistone, you will only need soap and water.
    However, if you want to eliminate persistent marks or stains:

    You can use a window cleaning spray or household detergent for Technistone’ s routine cleaning. These products help sanitize and clean typical contaminants from the kitchen worktop with mild washing.

    We using cleaners alkalis or mild acid-based for removing stains from oil, rust, concrete, and glue) you must rinse off thoroughly with water after the application.
    First, test the cleaning product on a small area to check the effect. Then, move on to cleaning the rest of the surfaces.

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