17 Facts, Tips and Tricks You Should Know About Quartz Worktops

17 Facts, Tips and Tricks You Should Know About Quartz Worktops

17 Facts Tips and tricks about quartz worktops
By: Alan Jan 04, 2022 0 Comments

Quartz worktops are a fantastic kitchen surface material. First, however, you must realise that it has transformed the interior design arena, whether you possess it, used to own it, or don’t even want it.

Quartz worktops have become the industry standard for most homes in the United Kingdom, and there are many things you can do with a quartz kitchen worktop. But, unluckily, many aspects have gone overlooked or unappreciated. So here are 17 tips, tricks and facts that you should know about them:

Quartz Worktops Facts, Tips and Tricks

  1. Easy to Care: A basic wash of the Quartz surface is enough to keep it shining. Using a soft cloth, wipe the worktop with warm water and a few drops of surface cleaning or antibacterial detergent. Clean the surface with clean water and a soft towel before drying it.
cleaning granite worktop

2. 93% natural: these worktops contain ninety-three per cent of crushed quartz. Correspondingly, the remaining seven per cent is Polymer (glue) and pigment colours.

Quartz Crystals

3. Quartz is not a natural stone: Quartz worktops are not carved from a block. It is because quartz is a mineral rather than a rock. Manufacturers produce quartz worktops by blending crushed up minerals with resins and colours. Unlike quartz, quartzite, granite, marble, granite, and slate worktops originate from quarried stone slabs.

infographic quartz worktop

4. Cambria Quartz is no longer Cheesy: The Davies family created Cambria Quartz in 2000. But previously, Stanley Davis began what would become Davisco Foods in 1943. Later, his son Mark transformed Davisco into one of the country’s top dairy enterprises, and as of 2021, the Mark Davis Family is worth $1.7 billion.

Cambria Quartz factory

5. Like marble but not Marble: They have the most robust and most long-lasting characteristics of natural stone. Unlike natural stones, they do not require sealants.

More about Quartz

6. Quartz is made from many stones: Quartz worktops appear to contain one type of stone. But the material includes a variety of rocks, including marble, granite, and other natural stones. In addition, they can contain recycled materials, such as pieces of glass, mirrors, and ceramic.

Quartz Worktops Composition chart

7. Is trending on floors & walls: although quartz is the most popular stone worktop material, you will see it in its tile formats in many places with high traffic areas such as hotels, airports, restaurants, and more. It proves this product’s remarkable durability and hard-wearing characteristics in the real world.

Cambria Portrush quartz

8. Quartz is sustainable: Because natural quartz is the most abundant mineral on the planet, coming straight from the ground, quartz is naturally eco-friendly. In 2021, major quartz manufacturers Silestone and Compac Quartz launched recycled and recyclable products containing lower percentages of silica.

silestone sustainable kitchen worktops with hybriq technology

9. Quartz avoids the proliferation of COVID-19: Because they are naturally non-porous, no bacteria can penetrate its surface, short-living once exposed to the weather. Moreover, quartz brands like Silestone contain a bacteriostatic treatment, Safely protecting you against bacterial proliferation between cleanings. They also prevent contamination from other potential sources of infection.

antibacterial quartz worktop

10. All the quartz brands use the same technology: Breton is an Italian company that created the technique for making engineered stone in 1963. The Breton technology mixes crushed stones with polymers, eliminating the air and then heating and moulding the material into slabs. There are over 50 quartz brands that have the Bretonstone License, including Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria Surfaces, and Compac: albeit every one of them adds its unique flair to the mix.

11. Honed finish quartz worktops are a massive trend: According to the International Interior Design Association, quartz is the most reliable worktop construction material. Due to its capacity to deal with dangerous compounds, quartz is also in great demand in labs. Similarly, kitchen worktops made with honed quartz are expected to become popular worldwide. Analysts expect it to be the most popular material in the market between 2022 and 2027.

12. Quartz isn’t Quartzite: Quartzite is a naturally occurring mineral. First, it is mined and cut into slabs. Next, it is polished to make worktops. Although it is not manufactured like quartz, it can have a similar appearance.

13. Quartz as electrical properties: This is known as ‘piezoelectric’. It keeps a precise frequency standard, assisting quartz watches to regulate their movement.

14. The name “quartz” means ‘hard’, and it comes from the German “Quarz,”: it had the same form in Middle High German and East Central German in the first half of the 14th century. And it was derived from the Polish dialect term kwardy, which corresponds to the Czech term tvrd (“hard”).

15. Natural stone and quartz go nicely together: For example, you can use white quartz for kitchen worktops and black marble for the splashbacks. Your kitchen will look fabulous with this two-material combination with the appropriate design.

16. Increasing the use of quartz decreases granite price: More UK homes are opting for quartz, so granite is becoming less popular and in lesser demand. Less demand means lower pricing, which is excellent news if you’re searching for a unique granite worktop.

17. You ‘CAN’ use quartz worktops outdoors: While it is historically accurate that exposing quartz to UV rays for extended periods affects its surface colour, this is no longer the case. In 2021, some of the leading brands, including Caesarstone, Technistone, and Diresco, will offer quartz worktops you can use externally.

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