Why People Love Marble

Why People Love Marble

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By: Alan May 05, 2021 0 Comments

We all know that marble is one of the most popular decoration materials in the world. Across history, civilisations use the “shiny stone” to decorate the palaces of kings. Also, for building the history of Greece and Rome. Do you wonder why people love marble? Here, we reveal six reasons why people love marble. Read on to know more.

1- Marble offers elegance, class and style

The aesthetic appeal of marble offers timeless appreciation over centuries. With this intention, its unique texture, colour and depth provide a captivating invitation to touch to feel, bringing people closer together. Using marble to create finished surfaces is a craft. Professional expertise and years of experience are what can master it. This is why we select the best quality marble directly from quarries worldwide.

Any surface created using this natural material will speak volumes about you. Are you renovating your kitchen or creating a new bathroom? Marble is the most luxurious way to connect with the space around you and your loved ones.

Emperador Brown marble living room

2- It allows you to create book-matched designs

On aesthetics, few materials can match the appeal of marble. A true, timeless, classic marble continues its popularity for thousands of years. This is due not only to its aesthetic beauty but also to its remarkable durability. When two polished slabs face each other fascias, you can install them together, creating a “book-match effect”. You can display a stunning feature on large surfaces like kitchen islands, walls, and floors. Book-matching marble is a distinctive feature you can apply to your home or office. It is prevalent in bathrooms, expansive kitchen islands, and other large surface areas.

Calacatta Marble book matched slabs

Are you interested in knowing more about book-matching marble? Check out our blog article How to book match marble in a week.

3- Marble adds Luxury to Homes

Marble is warmer than granite and more natural than engineered stone. This natural feature makes it the perfect material to work with – an excellent option for kitchen worktops.

The texture of marble and how it ages over time makes it an excellent choice for kitchen worktops, as it creates a unique patina. As a result, its smooth texture and warm undertones make it a favourite for floorings on worktops and wall panels. From earthy tones to delicate veins, marble comes in various colours. Accordingly, for a traditional look, try ash grey or oatmeal. Or add drama with bright espresso or cinnamon for something a little more modern.

At The Worktop Library, we specialise in various natural stone worktops, from the finest Italian marble to the classically British Yorkstone. Undoubtedly, with over two decades of experience in worktop manufacturing, our expert artisans take pride in their attention to detail and meticulous approach.

Pietra Grey marble kitchen

4- It’s beautiful and affordable

Many people are under the impression that natural marble is a rare, expensive and luxurious material. In contrast to this belief, it is relatively affordable. Natural marble is an abundant material that you can find in many different colours and shades. It is also easy to fabricate and install. Marble, starting at £99 plus VAT per square metre. It’s the most affordable natural stone and ideal for worktops. You can easily find it in a variety of different colours and textures. Also, it offers a great way to add style and charm to your kitchen splashback. Similarly, on worktops, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the price.

However, many people overlook cost-effective options such as marble. This is very surprising considering that natural stone is not only stunning but also affordable as well. We believe price is another main reason why people love marble.

Carrara marble kitchen

5- It lasts for decades

When you choose marble worktops, you’re looking for a robust, practical and distinctive material. Also, low-maintenance, hardwearing and easy-to-clean qualities. These make marble popular for everything from kitchen worktops to bathrooms and offices. Therefore, it is no surprise that marble is one of the most popular natural stones globally. Similarly, marble doesn’t just look great; it’s also by far one of the most durable worktop materials. The Greeks used to call marble ‘the rock’ – and for good reasons. Marble is a rigid material that is easy to work with, and once installed, it will last for decades. Think of your marble worktops as one of the highest-quality long-term investments you can make. Similarly, marble is a resilient material with high resistance to staining and scratching. It can improve the aesthetics of any room while adding considerable value to your home.

Brown marble kitchen worktop

6- You can match it nicely with other materials

Natural marble is one of the most versatile decoration materials in the world. You can match marble with white kitchen cabinets and black furniture with wood, metal, or lacquer. The design possibilities are limitless. You can choose marble in different finishes. For example, polished, which brings light into interiors, or honed, offering classic aesthetics to any space. Besides, you can select marble worktops in various thicknesses, starting from 20mm. You can choose a mitred edge worktop for opulent features to be as thick as you like.

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