9 Unistone Carrara quartz designs that look like Carrara marble without marble maintenance

9 Unistone Carrara quartz designs that look like Carrara marble without marble maintenance

9 Unistone Carrara quartz designs that look like Carrara marble without marble maintenance
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Our Worktop Library offers a collection of Unistone designs that look like natural Carrara marble without the maintenance. Read on to see 9 Unistone designs with original Carrara patterns without the marble’s upkeep!


Undoubtedly, White Carrara is the most famous marble in the world. It is prevalent around London homes, bars, restaurants, and even at the local gym.

But because it is a natural material, you will find that its veining and backdrop vary from block to block. As a result, there are Carrara marble slabs with different looks and shading, whether the veining, the base, or the finish, that not always can match your design’s colour scheme.

Some Carrara marble worktops have darker grey veins than others, and some have brownish and golden touches that complement their patterns. And is not always easy to find a perfect design and shading for your style. Plus, if you are a busy bee, you may not have time to upkeep the marble. The Carrara marble variations are almost infinite.

With this dilemma, our suppliers Brachot-Hermant Unistone have come up with different Carrara quartz designs to get as close to your favourite slab of natural marble Carrara as your overall design requires.

With 9 different Carrara effect marble surfaces in the collection, Unistone has the most significant number of options out of our leading quartz brands.

This article showcases these attractive Carrara quartz options to help you choose the suitable design for your project.

a Carrara marble worktop and a wall in a reception area
A photo of a reception desk with Natural Carrara marble. Photo: Levantina

Unistone Bianco Carrara Quartz

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and contemporary kitchen backsplash or a more traditional bathroom vanity, Unistone Bianco Carrara offers the classic marble look that suits your needs.

With its subtle veining and soft white colour, Unistone Bianco Carrara is a versatile quartz design that will give any space a luxurious feel. It is available in 1.2, 2, and 3 cm thicknesses, polished and matte finishes, and slabs of 300 x 140 cm and 330 x 165 cm.

a photo of a Unistone Bianco Carrara quartz in Velluto finish, a cup and coffee beans
Bianco Carrara quartz offers delicate veins on a robust surface with high stain and scratch resistance.

Bianco Carrara Santorini Quartz

Bianco Carrara Santorini is a quartz resembling Greek rather than Italian marble. Its inspiration comes from the white natural stones with grey veining on Santorini Island, which has the most significant volcanic activity ever documented.

It is available in various thicknesses and has two finishes: polished and Unistone Velluto.

Bianco Carrara Santorini costs the same as Carrara marble but is more durable and easier to care for.

  • Slab sizes: 300 x 140 cm / 330 x 163 cm
  • Thicknesses: 12 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm
  • Finishes: Polished, Velluto
a close-up photo of a slab of Unistone Bianco Carrara Santorini quartz
The above photo shows the white backdrop and grey veining with warmer tones of Bianco Carrara Santorini Unistone.

Unistone Carrara Misterio Quartz

Carrara marble is a beautiful, classic material used in art and architecture for centuries. But it’s also a high-maintenance stone that must be regularly sealed and polished.

Unistone Carrara Misterio quartz mimics the look of genuine Carrara marble without needing regular maintenance, giving your home the luxurious look of natural Italian stone without all the hassle.

It is a best-seller from our Unistone colours for a reason: It offers grey veins in high definition and a smooth surface that is only comparable to authentic Italian stone.

Whether you choose the polished finish or Unistone Misterio Velluto, the stone helps highlight antique details in classic spaces.

For example, a traditional fireplace surround or a round table top. With a heat resistance of 150 Celsius, the quartz won’t burn or scorch.

Slab sizes: 300 x 140 cm / 330 x 163 cm
Thicknesses: 12 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm
Finishes: Polished, Velluto

The above short is an inspirational gallery of photos showing the unlimited design possibilities of Unistone Misterio quartz.

Unistone Carrara Venatino Quartz

Carrara Venatino is a variety from Italy that offers more striking veins than typical Carrara marble, resulting in higher prices for the material. Its veining is similar to the famous Statuario or Calacatta Lincoln marble but more subtle.

And although Unistone Carrara Venatino belongs to Unistone prices group 3 instead of price group 2 from this collection, the price difference between quartz products is minimal compared to marble.

Our Unistone Carrara Venatino is an off-white marbled design with occasional streaks and veins of darker shades that make it perfect for high-end applications or focal areas such as an elegant and dramatic staircase.

Slab sizes: 300 x 140 cm / 330 x 163 cm
Thicknesses: 12 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm
Finishes: Polished, Velluto

a modern kitchen with Unistone Carrara Venatino worktops, floors, and walls
Unistone Carrara Venatino offers a striking marble look you can use as worktops, floors, and walls, as shown above.

Unistone Hestia

If you are looking for Unistone interior surfaces with a more contemporary look, you may be interested in Unistone Hestia polished or Velluto.

Containing modern quartz with a marble-like appearance, this worktop provides a fresh spin on traditional white marble.

This milky white quartz work surface has subtle, warm grey veins across the slab. It is often one of the more fashionable and classy Unistone colours.

Slab size: 330 x 163 cm
Thicknesses: 20 mm, 30 mm
Finishes: Polished, Velluto

photo of a green kitchen with Unistone Hestia polished quartz worktops and splashbacks
Hestia is suitable for traditional and modern kitchens with pastel-coloured cabinets.

Little unknown fact: Did you know that there are only two Carrara marble quarries located in only one place on Earth, which is Carrara in Massa, Italy? It has been mined since 1 B.C, especially since the Roman Empire.

Unistone Valley White Quartz

This grey and white marble-effect quartz worktop has a subtle grey base that is somewhat lumpy and displays linear veining.

A Unistone Valley White worktop works best in minimalist or traditional spaces that need a more vital Carrara vein rather than the subtle lines of materials, such as Unistone Bianco Carrara quartz above.

You can combine this gorgeous polished or matte Unistone marble surface with a matching or contrasting quartz splashback for an ultra-contemporary kitchen.

Slab sizes: 300 x 140 cm / 330 x 163 cm
Thicknesses: 12 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm
Finishes: Polished, Velluto

Our short video above has a gallery of photos of Unistone Valley with the uses and specifications of the material.

Unistone White Eden Quartz

If you are designing a modern and airy living room or a refined home office, you may like the hazy look of White Eden. The soft white tones of this stone are very comfortable and will give your space an elegant Carrara marble look without showing off striking veins.

In addition, this stone has a sleek and smart look, making your room stand out. The white tones of this stone are soft and elegant, and it fits in any space. In addition, this lovely-looking quartz stone has a very smooth surface and will not stain easily.

Slab sizes: 300 x 140 cm / 330 x 163 cm
Thicknesses: 20 mm, 30 mm
Finishes: Polished, Velluto

a photo of a minimalistic brown kitchen with Unistone Eden quartz on as worktops, splashbacks
The above photo shows the cloudy patterns of Unistone White Eden Velluto in a minimalistic kitchen.

Unistone Argento Quartz

Argento is a type of aluminium silver colour that lends an ever-so-slight shimmery hint to these Carrara marble-style Unistone kitchen worktops, making them unique in their own right.

With an added sparkle to the surface, this worktop will create a stunning focal point in any kitchen. Unistone white quartz is one of our original, classic worktop materials.

We have been sourcing it from Unistone UK for many years with great success, and it will always be a popular choice due to its hard-wearing nature.

Slab sizes: 300 x 140 cm / 330 x 163 cm
Thicknesses: 20 mm, 30 mm
Finishes: Polished, Velluto

Unistone Argento polished quartz worktops in a modern kitchen with wooden walls and floors
Unistone Argento is a Carrara marble alternative with luxurious shimmering patterns on close inspection.

Unistone Elysian Quartz

Elysian offers a heavenly Carrara countertop providing homes and businesses in London with unending inspiration.

And seeing the cloudy veins drift through its greyish-white backdrop is beautiful.

When you apply it as kitchen worktops against a window, it can appear incredibly enigmatic. However, a Unistone Elysian worktop brings purity, inventiveness, and perhaps fierceness! With this material, you can design many ambients, from a cheerful and bright playroom to a refined console tabletop and a sleek modern bathroom.

Because of its homogeneous patterns, Unistone installation is easier and quicker than granite and marble.

Slab sizes: 300 x 140 cm / 330 x 163 cm
Thicknesses: 20 mm, 30 mm
Finishes: Polished, Velluto

a close-up photo of a Unistone Elysian quartz kitchen island
The above photo shows the combination of patterns in a kitchen island Unistone Elysian with hardwood floors.


Why Choose Carrara quartz? Why Unistone?

Carrara quartz is a beautiful, luxurious material that can add a touch of elegance to any home. But what makes Carrara quartz so unique? Here are two of the main reasons why Carrara quartz is the perfect choice for your home improvement project:

1. Carrara quartz is impervious to scratches, stains, and heat. So if you’re looking for a material that will stand up to daily wear and tear, Carrara quartz is the way to go.

2. Carrara quartz is low-maintenance. Unlike marble, Carrara quartz doesn’t require regular sealing or polishing. So if you’re looking for a material that’s easy to care for, Carrara quartz is the way to go.

Why should I use Unistone as a surface material?

Many clients often ask us whether to choose Silestone or Unistone (or Caesarstone, Compac, for the same matter)

With more than ten years of experience supplying and installing Unistone worktops and over 20 years of Silestone worktop installations, The Worktop Library is yet to find a substantial difference in performance between the materials of these brands.

And we can make the same statement about Compac Quartz and Caesarstone, the other two leading quartz brands with over 40 years of existence on the market.

The simple answer is that you should use Unistone when the surface colouring and shading are the perfect tone and pattern for your design.

Alternatively, you can use this quartz brand if you have set a strict budget for your project. Generally, Unistone quartz colours cost a little bit less than major quartz brands because it has lower operative costs. But these don’t impact the quality and product’s performance.

What is Unistone Brachot Hermant?

Unistone and Brachot-Hermant are two different names from separate entities. Brachot-Hermant is a natural and engineered stone processor and distributor from Belgium. It owns the Unistone brand and has the exclusive distribution of Unistone Quartz in the United Kingdom.

Is there a Unistone showroom?

No, but The Worktop Library in London can get your slabs delivered to its factory so you can inspect them in detail before your project’s fabrication.

However, because quartz is a manufactured material, what you see in the samples is pretty much what you will see in the entire slab. Hence, viewing quartz slabs in person (as opposed to natural materials such as marble) is generally unnecessary if you already saw and tested a Unistone sample.

Unistone Warranty – Key Details

10 Years Warranty from Unistone: Unistone quartz surfaces provide composite quartz slabs of the most outstanding quality because they use the leading Bretonstone technology prevalent in only the top quartz brands, containing over 90% genuine quartz.

The Unistone warranty is unique because you don’t need to fill out or send complex forms to the manufacturer. Instead, keep your receipt and use it as proof of purchase when and if you need it.

The three key terms of Unistone’s warranty are below. If you want to read the full Unistone warranty, click here.

  • You are the rightful owner, with regular use and care, against its UK’s 10-year warranty on product faults.
  • Check the worktops in detail upon completion of your installation to ensure the quartz doesn’t show defects after installation, reporting those immediately.
  • The only obligation from the brand is to replace the purchased slab, and the warranty does not cover the cost of disassembling, repairing, or remanufacturing. Additionally, the Unistone warranty does not cover additional expenses like re-plastering, plumbing, or electrical wiring.

Short of time? -Watch our one-minute video below showing these stunning and practical quartz designs.

A 1-minute video with all 9 Unistone Carrara colours


In conclusion, if you are looking for a natural stone look without all of the hassles that come with marble and are looking for a competitive surface material, Unistone quartz is an excellent place to start.
The brand offers reliable work surfaces we have been supplying to households across the South of England for over a decade for happy clients. It has nine versions of Carrara marble shades and patterns to ensure that it fits any style.

So, why not give one of these beautiful designs a try?


Alan Nussbaum

Meet Alan Nussbaum, our Sales and Marketing Manager, whose expertise in stone worktops is second to none. With almost two decades of experience, Alan’s impressive track record includes creating one of the first online stone companies in 2012 and pioneering the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in construction in 2018 before co-founding The Worktop Library with Maria.
Alan’s outstanding work is featured in numerous Stone and Home Decor magazines. In addition, he collaborates with the industry’s leading stone brands, cementing his reputation as a true innovator.
Before starting a thriving career in the stone industry, Alan honed his skills by overseeing luxury fashion brands such as Burberry, Matches Fashion, and Patrick Cox. With his unique blend of experience and expertise, Alan is a true trailblazer in the stone worktop industry. His passion for delivering exceptional service is evident in every aspect of his work.

Alan Nussbaum

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