6 Alternatives to Silestone Ethereal Glow

6 Alternatives to Silestone Ethereal Glow

6 alternatives to Silestone Ethereal Glow
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Silestone is a leading quartz brand, and its latest, Ethereal Collection, is no exception. The new designs have been making waves due to their beautiful marble-like pattern. However, look no further if you’re seeking alternatives to Silestone’s Ethereal Glow Quartz. -Our six alternatives include Caesarstone, CRL Quartz, Compac Quartz, Technistone, and more, all offering similar elegance at different price points. 


  1. Silestone Ethereal Glow in collaboration with Cindy Crawford
  2. Advantages of Silestone Ethereal Glow quartz vs marble
  3. 6 Alternatives Silestone Ethereal Glow that look exquisite
  4. Conclusion

The Silestone Ethereal Collection launch is a collaboration with model Cindy Crawford.

It offers beautiful aesthetics and superior durability as it is made from high-quality quartz with excellent resistance to It offers beautiful aesthetics and superior durability, comprising high-quality quartz with excellent resistance to scratches, chips, and staining.

In addition, this collection is available in several finishes, such as polished or matte – giving homeowners plenty of options when selecting their dream worktop.

A video featuring Cindy Crawford at the launch of the new Silestone colours at Cosentino City.

Silestone Ethereal Glow uses 100% Recycled water, 100% renewable electricity & minimum of 40% Recycled minerals.

Ethereal Glow, alongside Ethereal Haze, Noctis, and Silestone Ethereal Dusk, includes the latest eco-friendly quartz technology known as HybriQ.

Silestone HybriQ materials reduce the environmental impact during their production by minimizing carbon emissions. The new colours in the Ethereal quartz range are divine and suitable for any style of interior, from traditional to eclectic to modern and minimalist.

Because quartz is a manufactured material, what you see in a Silestone sample is the same as what you see in the entire Silestone slab.

Order a free Silestone sample from the Ethereal collection here.

Advantages of Silestone Ethereal Glow quartz vs marble

Silestone Ethereal Glow quartz has become a popular choice for kitchen worktops and bathroom vanity tops due to its elegant look and similarity to Calacatta and Statuario marble and its superior durability.

But, besides its natural beauty, there are four main advantages of using quartz from Silestone compared to the marble that inspired the new designs:

  1. Unlike marble, Silestone Ethereal Glow is an engineered product. Quartz doesn’t require sealing or maintenance.
  2. The surface is non-porous, so it won’t stain as quickly as marble, making it much easier to clean and maintain.
  3. Quartz is more scratch-resistant than marble; its lustrous finish will last longer with proper care. On the other hand, marble requires regular sealing to protect its porous surface from potential staining or etching caused by spills of acidic materials like citric acid or vinegar, which can damage the natural stone’s polished finish.
  4. Silestone also offers a more extensive range of options than marble. It is available in a jumbo slab size of 320 x 160 cm, with three thicknesses,
  5. Ethereal Glow is available in a jumbo slab size of 327 x 159 cm, in 1.2 cm, 2 cm, and 30 cm thicknesses, allowing homeowners more options than marble when designing their space.

Which quartz options are similar to Silestone Ethereal Glow?

Starting with the other colours from Silestone’s Ethereal range, Silestone Ethereal Noctis offers an almost identical pattern to Ethereal Glow but uses dark grey shading instead of golden touches.

Similarly, Silestone Ethereal Haze offers light grey veins, and Ethereal Dusk produces a similar grey veining effect with blueish tones instead. The below chart compares these materials and their different shadings so you can choose the quartz worktop that best suits your style.

Comparison of Silestone Ethereal Colours as Silestone Ethereal alternative
Comparison of Silestone Glow with the other designs from the Etheral Series.

6 Alternatives Silestone Ethereal Glow that look exquisite

Even though a Silestone Ethereal Glow worktop looks and feels lovely, you might not have the budget to buy it. So, what are the alternatives if you are looking for a similar quartz worktop instead of marble? Keep reading to find out.

Unistone Misterio Gold

One of the most popular vein colours of Unistone quartz is Unistone Misterio Gold. Misterio Gold takes the elegance and versatility of its predecessor, Unistone Carrara Misterio. It adds a delicate warmth with a stunning golden vein across the slab.

One of the best features of this golden vein quartz worktop is that it comes in a giant slab of 330 x 165 cm. It means you can potentially find an affordable solution to decorate your worktops and kitchen island from a single sheet of material. Now available in 3 cm & 2 cm Jumbo slabs from The Worktop Library.

Price: £199 m2 (2 cm) / £249 m2 (3 cm)

A close-up photo of a Unistone Misterio Gold Quartz slab
A close-up photo of a Unistone Misterio Gold quartz slab

Caesarstone Layalite

According to its manufacturer, Caesarstone 5121, Layalite brings stunning winter sceneries into homes, brought by the placement of brushed snowfall and the unsmooth surface of the marble.

Caesarstone Layalite features a clean white marble base with crossing topographical veins. It results in a quartz worktop material you can use in any area of home interiors that needs a harmonious natural look.

This modern lookalike of Calacatta Lincoln marble‘s grey veins comes with large and thin patterns but with discontinuing golden touches unique to this Caesarstone quartz worktop material. Even though the Caesarstone Layalite price is similar to the Silestone Ethereal Glow worktop, you may

Price: £319 m2 (2 cm) / £379 m2 (3 cm)

A short depicting Caesarstone’s Layalite in an animated video

Compac Unique Calacatta Gold

COMPAC celebrates its 40th anniversary with a modern spirit and high-quality quartz worktops distinguished from other brands by their innovative textures, colours, and stylish ideas.

Compac is a surface manufacturer from Valencia, Spain, producing quartz and marble slabs since 1975. It recently launched a new range of quartz worktop materials with the UNIQUE Collection.

The Compac Unique Calacatta Gold worktop is 100% natural and beautifully shows all its wonderful layers. These singular quartz surfaces will take you away to the most astonishing landscapes, which you can bring into your home to tune perfectly with nature. With a slab size of 330 x 163 cm, you may be able to find a single slab as a solution for all your surface needs.

Price: £339 m2 (2 cm) / £399 m2 (3 cm)

Compac Unique Calacatta polished quartz worktop
A photo of a kitchen island wrapped around in Compac Calacatta Gold quartz.

Quartzforms Ocean Lagoon

Quartzforms is a quartz producer from Germany with Italian heritage and over 50 quartz colours comprising high-quality minerals.

With the recent launch of the Quartzforms Ocean Collection, the brand has added a range of colours that are inspired by the ocean. The new colourways include water blue, teal and sea green, and shades of white and grey. The Quartzforms Ocean Lagoon worktop

Quartzforms Ocean Lagoon is an awe-inspiring pattern of delicate grey veins with greenish tints crossing the backdrop, which provides an elegant version of the Calacatta classic marble with a modern look.

You can use a Quartzforms Ocean Lagoon worktop as an island surface in the kitchen or  to clad walls, floors and any other surface in interiors, bringing brightness, quality and singularity to every room.

Slab size: 320 x 155 cm

Price: £266 (2 cm)

Quartzforms Ocean Lagoon as an alternative to Silestone Ethereal Glow
A photo of a white kitchen with a Quartzforms Ocean Lagoon Island.

CRL Quartz Calacatta Dorado

CRL Quartz Calacatta Dorado is a stunning quartz countertop option that combines the beauty of natural stone with the longevity of manmade quartz. This impressive engineered stone has a creamy white base accented by golden veins and flecks.

Created with 93% quartz and 7% resins and pigments, it is a robust worktop material that provides years of worry-free service in residential and commercial settings. Ideal for kitchen counters, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, shower walls, tub decks and more—Calacatta Dorado brings classic elegance to any space.

The classic marble look gives this elegant material an air of sophistication that will never go out of style. Boasting supreme strength and scratch resistance due to its composition, Calacatta Dorado requires minimal maintenance other than occasional cleaning with mild detergent or soap.

Slab size: 320 x 160 cm

Price: £249 m2 (2 cm) / £326 m2 (3 cm)

CRL Calacatta Dorado polished quartz worktop
A photo of a contemporary space with a CRL Calacatta Dorado quartz kitchen island.

Technistone Noble Linea

Technistone Noble Linea is a quartz surface that combines modern design with high-end performance. This Calacatta marble-like worktop features natural quartz, which has been engineered to provide superior strength, resilience and elegance for your home or business.

Noble Linea comes in polished or honed finishes to create various looks and styles suitable for any project. Our Technistone Noble Linea worktops are non-porous, so that they won’t absorb liquids or bacteria like other materials.

The Technistone Noble Linea quartz is perfect for crafting modern, sophisticated spaces. Drawing from the natural beauty of quarried stone, this palette features light greys, beiges and cool whites that evoke a timeless elegance.

The white quartz surface with grey veins is ideal for creating a minimalist look in residential and commercial applications. Whether used as worktops in the kitchen or as wall cladding, the neutral palette allows you to bring out your own signature style with subtlety and finesse.

Slab size: 318 x 155 cm

Price: £222 m2 (2 cm) / £286 m2 (3 cm)

Technistone Noble Linea polished quartz worktop
A kitchen island in Technistone Noble Linea quartz reveals subtle grey veins with a marble-like appearance.

If you are short on time and in the middle of a kitchen renovation, you may want to watch the 47-second below video. It shows the characteristics of the best alternatives to Silestone Ethereal Glow:

A short video with some of the alternative surfaces you can use for your designs.


In conclusion, we hope this blog article has provided helpful information on the best quartz alternatives for your home. We have discussed the topic of alternatives to Silestone Ethereal Glow in detail, including possible solutions and options.

Exploring the different possibilities is essential for anyone trying to make a difference in their homes. If you’ve learned something new from this article, please give us a thumbs up! Every little bit helps, and your support is greatly appreciated. 


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