6 Luxury Makeover Alternatives to Calacatta Viola Marble

6 Luxury Makeover Alternatives to Calacatta Viola Marble

6 Luxury Makeover Alternatives to Calacatta Viola Marble
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Decorating your property with a Calacatta Viola Marble alternative might be a brilliant choice due to its unique aesthetics and luxury appeal. However, the natural stone may not be the most practical or affordable option, particularly for those planning extensive renovations.

This article aims to guide homeowners and design professionals in Greater London and surrounding countries as they seek alternatives to this high-end stone solution.

In the following sections, we will look at a curated list of quality alternatives that can replicate the look and feel of Calacatta Marble Viola without the associated difficulties. Each item is described in detail, including information regarding the aesthetics, features, type, colour, square metre price, and thickness, as well as everything necessary to guide your next renovation project decision.

“Choosing the right material is key to achieving the overall look and functionality you envision for your space. Understanding the alternatives to Calacatta Viola Marble can open a world of possibilities, improving not only the aesthetic appeal of your space but also practicality and budget-friendliness.”

Trevor Curwen, Aspirations Design.

However, before we proceed, let’s try to understand why finding the perfect Calacatta Viola marble for your renovation project might present challenges:


  1. 1. Introduction
  • Overview of Calacatta Viola and its Alternatives
  1. 2. Understanding Calacatta Viola Marble
  1. 3. Calacatta Viola Marble Applications
  • Countertops
  • Vanity Tops
  • Console Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • Differences Between Polished and Honed Finishes
  1. 4. Calacatta Viola Marble Quarry
  • Sources and Unique Characteristics
  1. 5. Challenges with Calacatta Viola Marble
  2. 6. Calacatta Viola Marble Alternatives
  3. 7. Comparison of Calacatta Viola Marble vs Alternatives
  4. Conclusion


What is Calacatta Viola?

Calacatta Viola is a natural marble from the heart of Italy’s Carrara region, known worldwide for producing some of the finest marble varieties. It is not a product of overnight transformation but a result of hundreds of thousands of years of geological activity.

It forms when limestone buried deep within the earth undergoes intense heat and immense pressure. Under these conditions, limestone’s crystalline structure transforms, resulting in the beautiful marble we see today. It’s precisely the presence of different minerals that gives Calacatta Viola its distinctive look. The creamy white background and deep purple veining are all thanks to the impurities in the original limestone. 

Calacatta Viola Marble – The Perfect Blend of Authenticity and Versatility

A cornerstone in interior design and renovation, Calacatta Viola Marble is prevalent for its striking visuals and versatility. It’s not only the aesthetic appeal that makes it so desirable; the wide range of applications it offers genuinely sets it apart. Now that you know what calacatta viola marble is and its origins, we will explain its versatile features.

The luxurious aesthetic of Calacatta Marble Viola makes it a sought-after option for many uses, including:

  • Calacatta Viola Marble countertop: This countertop is renowned for its stunning aesthetics. Its unique purple veins on a crisp white backdrop offer a high-end appeal and unparalleled elegance, making it a favoured choice for creating a Calacatta Viola Marble kitchen.
  • Calacatta Viola Marble vanity: Calacatta Viola Marble vanities carry an inherent aura of luxury and elegance, making them a trendy choice for homeowners and designers alike. This marble’s exceptionally low water porosity means it is highly resistant to water damage, maintaining its aesthetic brilliance despite exposure to moisture, which also makes it prevalent for creating a Calacatta Viola marble shower. This factor, coupled with its resistance to humidity, makes it an ideal test choice for bathroom vanities where these conditions are a must.
  • Calacatta Viola Marble console table: As a decorative element, the Calacatta Viola Marble console table exudes luxury and sophistication. Incorporating a Calacatta Viola console table can seamlessly uplift the aesthetics of any contemporary or classic space. A console table made from a Calacatta Viola worktop is more than just furniture. It is a canvas for accent pieces, family photos, or cherished mementoes.
  • Calacatta Viola Marble coffee table: Revamp your living space with a Calacatta Viola Marble coffee table, which is ideal for bringing elegance and character to your home. Or, for a more minimalistic design, you can also consider utilising this unique marble for a remarkable fireplace surround or a Calacatta Viola Marble bathroom, exuding charm and sophistication in your living area.
a photo of a Calacatta Viola in a modern kitchen with a golden faucet
Calacatta Viola offers a wow factor with impressive patterns. Photo: Marmiorobici

Considering an alternative to other popular exotic stones, like quartzite?
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The difference between polished and honed Calacatta Viola

Fundamental differences exist, while polished and honed Calacatta Viola marble shares the same stunning aesthetic, featuring swirly eggplant veining on a creamy white background. Polished Calacatta Viola, boasting a high-gloss finish, significantly enhances the marble’s brilliant colours and sharp patterning. This classic sheen delivers an air of sophistication, perfect for making a bold statement in your interiors.

On the other hand, the honed Calacatta Viola has a matte finish. This treatment softens the marble’s colours, creating a smooth, contemporary look ideal for minimalist or modern designs. Moreover, a honed finish offers better resistance to scratches and etching, making it a practical stone for high-usage areas.

However, it’s essential to note that the honed finish can often cost between 5 and 10% more than its polished counterpart. Variations in pricing typically depend on the marble’s source and quality. Hence, while choosing between the two finishes, it’s worth keeping an eye on your budget and the style and practical considerations that suit your requirements.

Calacatta Viola Marble Quarry

The prime quarry sources of Calacatta Viola are initially from the heart of the Italian Apuan Alps, where operators with an exclusive license extract these beautiful stone slabs. It’s worth noting that each quarry produces a marble unique in colour and veining intensity owing to the specific mineral composition of that particular place. It ensures that each slab of Viola Marble is genuinely exceptional.

The beauty of Calacatta Viola, with its creamy white background elegantly punctuated by striking purple veining, is undeniable. It is extensively prevalent in everything from countertops and sinks to open shelving and backsplashes. No wonder prominent designers like Nate Berkus and Amber Lewis are praising it!

However, despite its popularity, using natural marble might be challenging for some. Unfortunately, the Calacatta Viola Marble quarry has limited production capacity.

In this context, finding suitable alternatives becomes vital, especially given that the size of Calacatta Viola’s slabs might only match some design requirements. Whether you are a homeowner looking to renovate your living space or a professional interior designer, alternatives such as quartz, compact surfaces, or large-formatted porcelain slabs can provide excellent solutions.

Finding Calacatta Viola Marble Honed

A Quest For The Rare

While Calacatta Viola Marble is known for its splendid charm and unique eggplant veining, finding a slab with a honed finish can be challenging. Most slabs imported into the UK come with a polished finish, which is the most sought-after and prevalent finish due to the stunningly smooth and glossy appearance it gives to the marble.

As a result, to source the perfect Calacatta viola honed marble slab, you might have to go through the additional step of getting the polished slab honed locally. While this can achieve the desired less-reflective, more muted aesthetic look offered by a honed finish, it’s not without risks.

First, honing can inevitably alter the slab’s original aesthetics.

The honing process grinds down the stone’s surface, impacting the veins’ intensity and appearance and the marble’s overall texture. Second, handling marble requires expert craftsmanship; improper honing techniques can result in undesirable surface imperfections or even damage to the slab.

Additionally, the logistics of transporting the Calacatta viola honed marble slab are a significant feat. Given their considerable weight and dimensions—not to mention their inherent value—any inadvertent mishandling during transit could lead to substantial cracks, chips, or breaks. Moreover, even with proper handling protocols, accidents can occur, often resulting in irreparable damage to the marble. Transposlabs This represents a significant risk factor and can further contribute to the scarcity and exclusive cost of Calacatta Viola Marble.

Hence, if you decide to get your marble slab honed locally, engaging a well-experienced and skilled artisan specialising in marble finishes is crucial to minimise these risks.

Limited Availability and High Demand of Calacatta Viola

Correspondingly, the scarcity of natural Calacatta Viola marble is further exacerbated when we factor in the production speed. In the marble-friendly regions of Italy where it originates, only about 25,000 tons of Calacatta marble, in all variations, are produced annually compared to the other white marbles, such as White Carrara, which produces approximately 700,000 tons per annum.

This limited supply is dwarfed by the rampant demand, with London, Greater London, and surrounding counties in the United Kingdom accounting for a significant portion of the thirst. Based on the latest data, marble-based kitchen and bathroom renovation projects in this region have shown a remarkable uptick of 30% in 2020 alone, indicating the vast appetite for luxury marble like Calacatta Viola in the British home renovation market.

a photo of a Calacatta Viola Marble slab inside a warehouse

Calacatta Viola Marble Price

If anybody tells you you can get genuine Calacatta Viola marble at the price of engineered stones, they’re probably pulling your leg. At the same time, this marble type’s lush veining and creamy elegance are highly sought after, and its rarity and high maintenance make it a costly option that not everyone can afford.

Calacatta Viola Marble costs between £550 and £1300 per square metre, depending on its product availability, thickness, and finish. Partly, its premium cost to the rare minerals forming its distinctive purple veins and market demand.

Correspondingly, the scarcity of Calacatta Viola is further exacerbated when we factor in the production speed, which significantly affects the Calacatta Viola marble price. In the marble-friendly regions of Italy where it originates, only about 25,000 tons of Calacatta marble, in all variations, are produced annually compared to the other white marbles, such as White Carrara, which produces about 700,000 tons per annum.

This limited supply is dwarfed by the rampant demand, with London, Greater London, and surrounding counties in the United Kingdom accounting for a significant portion of the thirst.

Based on the latest data, marble-based kitchen and bathroom renovation projects in this region have shown a remarkable uptick of 30% in 2020 alone, indicating the vast appetite for luxury marble like Calacatta Viola in the British home renovation market.

Calacatta Viola Marble slab cost

Consider the cost when selecting a Calacatta Viola worktop for your kitchen, bathroom, or other work areas. It’s undeniably a luxurious addition to any space.

However, the cost of the Calacatta Viola marble slab can vary dramatically across the blocks, with prices ranging between £1900 and £4000.

While the unique aesthetic of this variety of Viola Marble can transform any design, it is crucial to factor in the price when planning your renovation budget.

Calacatta Viola Marble Alternative Options

Affordable Option – Calacatta Viola Quartz

If your renovation budget is tight, yet you still yearn for the elegant look of this marble, Calacatta Viola Quartz is a fantastic alternative. This engineered stone perfectly replicates the subtly dramatic purple veining and creamy white background of the original Calacatta Viola. However, its hybrid-mineral nature provides added durability, making it less susceptible to scratching and staining and an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and work surfaces.

  • Type: Quartz
  • Colour: Creamy White with Purple Marble Viola Veining
  • Square Metre Price: £219 (2 cm thick) – £245 (3 cm thick)
  • Thickness: 20mm and 30mm
  • Finishes: Polished

One of the most significant advantages of Calacatta Viola Quartz over marble is the virtually zero maintenance requirement. Unlike natural stone, this worktop does not require regular sealing due to its non-porous surface.

This makes it particularly appealing to those needing a low-maintenance Calacatta viola marble bathroom look in bustling homes or offices. Although stunning, marble is porous and can absorb liquids, leading to possible staining and damage—regular sealing is required to keep it pristine.

a design mood board for Calacatta Viola Quartz
Effortless Elegance: Calacatta Wow Quartz is a versatile, non-porous alternative to marble

Quartz is more resistant to scratches, chips, and cracks than marble. This toughness is a significant selling point for those seeking a work surface that can withstand heavy usage and a lower Calacatta Viola Marble price.

Lastly, cleaning quartz is straightforward—mild soap and a soft cloth are all you need. However, with marble, you must be cautious of using acidic or potent cleaners, as they can etch the surface. If you want beauty combined with durability and ease of maintenance, this quartz worktop would be more suitable than its marble counterpart.

Giant Slab: Unistone Arabescato Viola

For those who pine for a large, uninterrupted slab of marble-like beauty, Unistone Arabescato Viola is a top pick. Mimicking the opulent design and rich, purple veining of Calacatta Viola Marble, this soft-looking engineered quartz provides a larger slab size perfect for creating a visually stunning, seamless surface. Its robustness against scratches and heat makes it a seamless choice for kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces.

  • Type: Quartz
  • Colour: White with Dark Purple Veining
  • Square Metre Price: £175 (2 cm thick) – £215 (3 cm thick)
  • Thickness: 20mm and 30mm
  • Finishes: Polished, Matte (Velluto)

Unistone Arabescato Viola invites a striking aesthetic into any home and is an excellent alternative to the traditional Calacatta Viola. This material is composite quartz, engineered with Bretonstone Technology – a world-leading Italian technology that excels in producing quartz slab surfaces.

a photo of a white with a Unistone Arabescato Viola island waterfall
Unistone Arabescato Viola’s subtle patterns make it ideal for creating inviting spaces.

Using Bretonstone, your Unistone Arabescato Viola quartz worktop will display exceptional strength, durability, and a premium look reminiscent of natural stone while offering a more practical, stain-resistant work surface. This innovation catapults it, making it a viable Calacatta Viola Marble alternative in practicality and maintenance. It can withstand daily use and up to 150 Celsius in high-traffic areas without losing its luminous appeal.

The Unistone white and purple slab presents a fascinating play of contrasting colours, offering the signature white backdrop with stunning cascades of deep purple veining. Its captivating design and pattern consistency over a large surface area make it a go-to option for commercial and domestic settings looking for giant slabs. Undeniably, this material embodies a beautiful blend of style, functionality, and technological brilliance.

Award Winning Surface – Compac Ice Viola

If you’re looking for elegance from a range of quartz surfaces and extra-large 3.30 x 1.65-metre slabs for seamless islands and worktops, Compac Ice Viola from the Ice Genesis Collection is an excellent alternative. This material boasts a clean white colour broken up by soft violet veining, hinting at luxury.

Compac Surfaces produces each quartz slab with precision, producing a smooth surface that is easy to touch and a joy to behold. The Compac Quartz Ice Genesis series won the RED DOT Best of the Best 2022 international award thanks to its innovative aesthetics and sustainable features. In addition, his material’s longevity is one of its key selling points, ensuring your design choice stands the test of time.

The simple yet sophisticated palette of Compac Ice Viola worktops allows them to fit into most colour schemes. Whether aiming for a modern look with crisp lines and minimalist fixtures or a more classic aesthetic with traditional elements and vintage touches, this eco-friendly marble alternative will rise to the occasion.

The Compac Ice Viola is also known for its resistance to heat and cold, making it suitable for a wide range of environments. This quartz surface is the ideal finishing touch for chic urban apartments and tranquil country homes.

  • Type: Quartz
  • Colour: White with Vivid Purple Marble Veining
  • Square Metre Price: £329 ( 2cm thick) – £395 ( 3 cm thick)
  • Slab size: 330 x 163 cm
  • Thickness: 20 mm, 30 mm
  • Finishes: Polished, Matte (Glace)
a photo of a Compac Ice Viola Island a the KBIS
Above Paco Sachis, Compac Surfaces’ CEO, at the Kbis awards.

Dreamy Look of Calacatta Viola– Techlam Kaledonia

Techlam Kaledonia dazzles with its dreamy resemblance to Calacatta Viola Marble. It offers a delightful blend of the marble’s luxurious character and the practical advantages of a large-format technical porcelain tile. Resistant to scratches, stains, and UV light, Kaledonia is an ideal Calacatta Viola porcelain for interior and exterior uses, including a busy kitchen, a stylish Calacatta Viola marble bathroom, and a chic outdoor entertaining area.

  • Type: Sintered ceramic
  • Colour: White with vivid purple marble veining
  • Square Metre Price: £225 (Matt)- £240 (Polished)
  • Slab size: 320 x 160 cm
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Finishes: Polished, Matte (Natural)

Levantina, a renowned international company in the natural stone sector, has recently expanded its portfolio. The company acquired a state-of-the-art sintered stone production facility, recognising the rising trend and demand for sintered stone in interior design. This strategic move positions Levantina at the leading edge of innovation and allows it to offer customers a broader range of high-quality, robust and sustainable products. (source)

a Techlam Kaledonia Porcelain on a rack and a blue sky behind
A Techlam Kaledonia porcelain slab with Calacatta Viola marble effect

Tracing its roots back to 1959 in Spain, Levantina has become a global force. With numerous quarries worldwide, including the sought-after Crema Marfil Coto quarry, Levantina has a rich history of producing and supplying diverse natural stone materials. They provide granite, marble, and other natural stones to over 110 countries worldwide, committing to sustainability in all their operations.

This recent investment in sintered stone production aligns with their commitment to offering durable and ecological alternatives to natural stone. With a reputation for innovative and high-quality products, Levantina continues to push the boundaries in the world of natural and sintered stone.

Spanish Flavour – Xtone Viola Rosse

Bring the allure of Spain right into your home with Xtone Viola Rosse. The excitement of Spanish designs is characteristic of this seamless Calacatta Viola porcelain. Distinguished by its dark, intense purple streaks cutting dramatically across an off-white backdrop, this Calacatta Viola porcelain worktop material stands out on any application. The modern, polished aesthetic of Xtone Viola Rosse worktops is perfect for those seeking a bold alternative to Calacatta Viola Marble. Moreover, it extends the benefit of being highly resistant to wear and tear, ultimately ensuring its longevity.

Made by Porcelanosa, the Xtone Viola Rosse has a Spanish flair and offers a unique twist on the typical Calacatta Viola Marble look.

  • Type: Porcelain slabs
  • Colour: Off-white with Purple streaks
  • Square Metre Price: £139 (0.6 cm thick)- £249 (1.2 cm thick)
  • Slab size: 320 x 160 cm
  • Thickness: 6mm, 12mm
  • Finishes: Polished, Matte (Silk)
a photo of a bathroom wall with Porcelanosa Xtone Viola Rosse cladding
Photo: Mia Borgelin

Beyond aesthetics, Xtone Viola Rosse is an embodiment of practicality. Its low porosity makes it hygienic, preventing bacterial growth and facilitating easy cleaning – a quality that enhances its appeal for busy homes and offices.

Italian Design – Infinity Calacatta Viola

Infinity’s Calacatta Viola porcelain is a stunning option for those who crave that authentic Italian marble look. Deep, rich purple veining adorns the elegant white surface in a design that simultaneously manages to be bold and subtle. Besides the standard 12 mm thick slab, Infinity Surfaces Calacatta Viola 6 mm offers an ideal slab thickness for walls and furniture cladding that won’t break the bank.

This unmistakable Italian design offers an aristocratic and regal aura, making it the star of any room. Meticulously manufactured with top-notch quality, the slab replicates the real deal’s premium feel and distinctive aesthetic while being cheaper and more practical for homeowners and businesses.

  • Type: Modified Ceramic
  • Colour: White with Violet Veining
  • Square Metre Price: £145 (0.6 cm thick) – £262 (1.2 cm thick)
  • Slab size: 320 x 160 cm
  • Thickness: 6 mm,12mm
  • Finishes: Polished, Levigato (Matte)
a photo of a Calacatta Viola inspired worktop by nfinity Surfaces
Photo: Instagram.com @casamiauae

Comparing Calacatta Viola Marble versus Its Affordable Alternatives 

In our quest to find the perfect fit for your home or business renovation plans, we focus on alternatives to Calacatta Viola Marble. Differing in price, size, colour and origin, these alternatives maintain the same high-quality aesthetics and durability of the revered Calacatta Viola Marble. 

Product NameTypeColourThickness (cm)Price Range (£-£££££)Warranty
Calacatta Viola MarbleMarbleViolet, purple, white2, 3££££-£££££n/a
Compac Ice ViolaEngineered QuartzWhite with violet streaks2, 3£££33 years
Calacatta Viola QuartzEngineered QuartzOff-White with violet niche2, 3££10 years
Unistone Arabescato ViolaEngineered QuartzWhite with subtle olive and violet streaks2, 3££10 years
Techlam KaledoniaCeramicWhite with violet and brown streaks1.2£££10 years
Infinity Calacatta ViolaPorcelainWhite with violet niche0.6, 1.2£££10 years
Xtone Viola RosseSintered StoneWhite with violet niche0.6, 1.2, 2£££10 years

Alternatives to Calacatta Viola: A Quick Video Overview

Limited on time but still interested in exploring our cost-effective alternatives to Taj Mahal quartzite? No problem! Check out our brief and informative 60-second YouTube clip outlining the key points.
Tune in now to explore beautiful choices that won’t strain your budget for your kitchen countertop installation in London and revitalise your home interiors seamlessly. Hit play below and allow us to inspire your upcoming design.


As you decide on the alternative to Calacatta Viola Marble that suits your needs, consider the benefits of other options such as Calacatta Viola porcelain, ceramic and Calacatta Viola quartz. All have unique charm and advantages, but choosing one that suits your aesthetic taste, lifestyle, and budget is critical. Remember, your space reflects your persona and the suitable surface can amplify that significantly.


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