Trending Marble Designs For Stunning Homes and Businesses

Trending Marble Designs For Stunning Homes and Businesses

6 Trending Marble Designs for Stunning Homes and Businesse
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Trending Marble Designs: Whether you’re a homeowner, an architect, a restaurant owner, or an interior designer, searching for the perfect stone is likely a significant part of your design journey; regarding innovative aesthetic expressions, the bloom of distinctive marble varieties is undeniably transformative. Focal points like kitchen worktops, bathroom walls, and restaurant floors take on a unique allure when adorned with the paramount varieties of marble.

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into a realm of seven sought-after marbles, including:

  1. Arabescato
  2. Arabescato Rose
  3. Calacatta Macchia Vecchia
  4. Cippolino Verde
  5. Calacatta Viola
  6. Calacatta Vagli Oro
  7. Cost Considerations, Common Issues, Sustainability, and Installation Tips
  8. Conclusion
  9. Faqs

Read on as we unfold the charisma of these marbles that everyone can’t help but covet for their interior projects!

“There’s an undeniable charm to marble. Its intricate, veined detail, combined with a rich depth of colour, makes it an elegant and luxurious choice. And with so many types to choose from, each offering its unique allure, it adds a truly personalised touch to spaces.”

Architect Roy Nussbaum

Dipping toes into the luxury of marble might seem overwhelming, but we’ve curated seven exquisite marble types that have captured the intrigue of homeowners, architects and interior designers alike. Perfect for infusing a touch of refinement into kitchen or bathroom worktops, pub and restaurant floors, or sophisticated Delicatessen stores. Let’s delve into these coveted options.

Arabescato Marble, the first of our 6 trending marble designs and a member of the light marble category, originates from Italian quarries and features distinctive grey veining and waves on its white surface. It features remarkable veins in dark tones contrasting with white or grey backgrounds. Its bold, dramatic patterns make it a show-stopper, showcased as a worktop, wall installation, or flooring.

  • Marble Details: Arabescato Marble, also known as Arabescato Classico, Arabescato Bianco, Marmo di Carrara, and White Arabescato Bianco Arabescato, belongs to the pale marble category.
  • Origin: Quarried in Carrara, features grey veining and waves on a white surface.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both exterior and interior applications, including wall coverings, floor applications, pool cappings, stair coverings, bathroom and kitchen countertops, as well as window sills.
  • Adaptability: Its structure and texture suit various uses, such as object makings, fountains, and sinks.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The white and grey texture creates a spacious and relieving atmosphere, offering a kind and stylish appearance.
  • Contrast Effect: The veining and waves on the transparent white background make it favourable for dark and light environments.

What is the difference between Classic Arabescato and Arabescato Corchia Marble?

Arabescato Corchia has dramatic dark grey veins on a creamy white to light grey background, and Arabescato Classico features a classic colour palette of white with grey veining. Both offer distinctive arabesque patterns with elegant and unique looks, but Corchia generally has a warmer backdrop.

Arabescato Marble Price

Even though both Arabescato Classico and Corchia marble varieties carry similar pricing structures, costs can vary depending on the quality of the marble (‘Extra’ Quality slabs are more expensive and offer white backgrounds), so we recommend seeing the slabs in person before purchasing.

2. Arabescato Rose Marble

Also known as Rosa Aurora Calacatta and Calacatta Portugal Marble, this Portuguese stone carries subtle hints of rose hues mixed with a white base that brightens and embellishes any space. Its soft pink undertones offer a touch of femininity and serenity, perfect for bathrooms and bar countertops needing that touch of class and richness.

The average Arabescato Rose Marble ranges between 2.60 x 145 cm and 300 x 180 cm, and with only a 0.5% water absorption rate, it is a versatile stone you can use in kitchens and bathrooms of any size without spending much time and maintenance.

Arabescato Rose Marble Aesthetics

Regarding aesthetics, Arabescato Rose Marble brings a unique charm and elegance to any interior. Its gentle swirls and distinct rose veins offer a statement piece for every design.

Whether your style is modern minimalism or traditional charm, this marble’s versatile display of elegance can heighten the aesthetic value of your home. Especially when curated delicately for marble worktops, wall claddings, and spa-like bathroom decor. 

Arabescato Rose Marble in Bathrooms

Arabescato Rose Marble is exceptional for utilisation in bathrooms. It not only lends a romantic air but also applies an unexpected splash of colour, making it one of our favourite trending marble designs. Used as a vanity countertop or for a whole bathroom wall, it will turn your space into an oasis of tranquillity and sophistication. Combined with well-chosen fixtures, this marble can make a small bathroom feel spacious and luxurious. 

A photo of one of 2024' trendng marble designs of a bathroom with Calacatta Pink marble worktops, walls and floors
Above: a variety of Portuguese pink marble known as Calacatta PT in a bathroom.

Arabescato Rose Marble for Bar Countertops 

Arabescato Rose Marble brings a bar environment with inviting, classy, and cosy warmth. This marble’s soft patterns create an artistic focal point, drawing admiration from restaurant guests. Moreover, its smooth surface and durability make it perfect for usage in high-traffic restaurants without compromising quality or beauty. 

Comparison with Other Marbles 

Arabescato Rose Marble is more economical and has a unique charm compared to the other marbles in our article. It contrasts with the generic white marble types for its warm, rosy undertones. But, unlike more colour-saturated stones like the Cippolino Verde marble and Calacatta Viola, Arabescato Rose maintains a calm and neutral demeanour, delivering the perfect balance of flair and simplicity.

Unique Beauty and Versatility

Macchia Vecchia Marble, with its distinct veining and unique colour variations, is an exquisite natural stone that allows you to create an extraordinary statement in your interior design project. Macchia Vecchia Marble’s natural beauty and opulent feel can make any space stand out, whether for kitchen worktops, bathroom walls, restaurant interiors, or pub counters. 

This marble variety offers a unique mix of warm white background with layers of subtle greys and rich gold, making the stone reflect an exceptional blend of earth’s artistry. Each slab, being a wonder of nature, is distinct, enabling homeowners, architects, and interior designers to incorporate a slice of earth’s unique design into their projects. 

Macchia Vecchia Marble is not just about its looks. Its robustness and resistance to heat and pressure make it a preferred choice among marbles for demanding spaces like kitchens and bars. Despite its surface hardness, it is relatively easy to work with, allowing for elegant finishes and precision cuts for edges and corners. Using Macchia Vecchia Marble in Different Settings 

When it comes to leveraging the unique aesthetics of Macchia Vecchia Marble in various settings, the possibilities are endless. Some trending marble designs for Macchia Vecchia include: 

  • Kitchen Worktops: Apart from being a beautiful centrepiece, the toughness of Macchia Vecchia can withstand everyday kitchen wear and tear – making it ideal for worktops.
  • Bathroom Walls: Use it to add a touch of luxury to bathroom walls. With its water-resistant properties, it’s a practical choice, too.
  • Restaurant Interiors: This marble can do wonders for gastropubs and restaurants seeking a classic and opulent ambience. Use it on the floors, walls, or counters for a decadent appeal.

Alternative Uses of Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Marble

If you think marble is only for kitchen countertops, think again! Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Marble is a versatile material that can find its place in other parts of your home and applications other than countertops. Let’s look at some creative uses with the most abundant material from our 6 trending marble designs: 

Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Marble in Furniture 

Consider incorporating this extraordinary marble into furniture such as coffee tables, dining tables, or console tables. Its unique veins add a touch of elegance and a statement piece to any living room or dining area. 

Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Marble As Wall Art 

Large slabs of this marble make perfect pieces of wall art. Add lighting around the marble to highlight the details and create a stunning centrepiece. 

A photo of a living room with a Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Marble slab on a blue wall, a sofa and a flower vase

Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Marble in Outdoor Spaces 

If you have an outdoor space or garden you might want to elevate, Calacatta Macchia Vecchia is an excellent choice. It’s resilient and can add an impressive touch to outdoor furniture and features. 

Customer Experiences with Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Marble 

Customers who have already incorporated Calacatta Macchia Vecchia marble into their designs share their experiences: 

‘Sophistication is in the Details’ 

Trevor Curwen from Aspiration Designs chose Calacatta Macchia Vecchia for a duplex he was renovating for clients in Edgware, London: “I chose Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Marble because I wanted to add character. This marble brought elegance and sophistication to the kitchen. The subtle veining is not just beautiful but also quite mesmerising.” 

‘Worth the Investment’ 

Maria Kairuz, our co-founder, tells us Londoners often use Calacatta Macchia Vecchia as dining tables: “This marble is quite an investment, but every time our customers entertain guests, their compliments confirm it was worth it. The rusy veining of the marble has become a conversation piece at their dinners.”

However, it’s also vital to consider that some applications might benefit from Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Porcelain. This alternative brings the same dramatic aesthetic scheme with additional advantages like lower maintenance needs, improved affordability, and practicality.

It’s an ideal solution for those loving the exquisite patterns of this marble but wish for a less demanding material in their fast-paced lives. Porcelain offers affordability and a balance between sophisticated style and sensible functionality, making it a noteworthy contender for trending marble designs without maintenance.

The Potential of Cippolino Green Marble

The unique traits and strengths of Cippolino Verde marble in interior design projects are unmistakable. Adding a remarkable contrast of deep green veins against a light background provides a tranquil vibe and a touch of elegance amongst the grandeur of marble finishes. Besides its inherent indoor-outdoor suitability, the Cippolino Green marble is a perfect material to make a statement using botanic colours for fresh-feel designs.

Cippolino Verde Marble for Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces 

As a decor element, Cippolino Verde is prevalent in kitchens and bathrooms. The marble’s bright, earthy hues echo well with lighter cabinets and white porcelain fixtures, creating a balanced and calming space. This marble type can withstand day-to-day kitchen use, tolerates bathroom humidity, and keeps its opulent sheen with proper maintenance. 

Trending marble designs: Cipollino Green marble sink outside Selfridges London

With typically smaller slabs than other marbles (Cipolino Marble slabs average 270 x 160 cm), the material offers a unique opportunity for more intricate and detailed design executions, whether in countertops or bespoke marble wall art.

Incorporating Cippolino Verde in Dining Areas and Restaurants 

Its versatility is also showcased in dining areas and restaurant designs. Cippolino Verde can be imaginatively used in restaurant table tops, bar counters, and even the lavatories, presenting sophistication throughout the venue.

Despite its scarcity in matte finishes, Cippolino Green Marble Honed has been a favourite of interior designers working in commercial spaces such as bars, hotels, and gastropubs in London and Greater London areas for the last two years.

The Worktop Library offers a specialist finishing option to hone your favourite marble slabs within ten business days.

Cippolino Verde Marble Maintenance – An Overview 

While it brings luxe to your interior, maintenance for Cippolino Verde marble isn’t laborious. Regular wiping with a soft cloth, immediate removal of spills, and occasional sealing assure a long-lasting finish. Always refer to the supplier’s guidelines for cleaning and maintenance. With a meagre liquid absorption rate of 0.1% per kilogram, this green marble offers one of the lowest maintenance requirements from our six trending marble designs.

Add More than Just Trending Marble Designs with Cippolino Verde 

Incorporating Cippolino Verde marble in your designs or projects goes beyond aesthetic pleasure. It resounds a clear message – your meticulous attention to detail and appreciation of nature’s enduring beauty. 

Often called ‘Arabescato Viola Marble’, this unique marble variety is cherished for its rare and exquisitely vibrant veining. From its rich colour depth to its striking pattern play, here’s how Calacatta Viola Marble is making waves in both residential and commercial interior design spaces. 

Viola Marble: Elevating Interiors One Space at a Time 

Be it a luxe home kitchen or a posh restaurant, the Calacatta Viola marble is a preferred choice for homeowners, restaurateurs, and architects worldwide. Its stunning aesthetics enrich the luxurious quotient of an interior, and its high endurance also promises long-term practical benefits. 

A photo of one of our most colourful tending marble designs of a Calacatta Viola bathroom

Calacatta Viola Marble in Kitchens and Restaurants 

As practical as it is beautiful, Calacatta Viola marble is perfect for creating bespoke kitchen worktops and restaurant countertops. The bold, purple veining against a snowy white base adds a dramatic touch, making any culinary space a visual delight. 

Calacatta Viola Marble in Bathrooms 

Believe it or not, bathrooms are one of the most-visited spaces of a home or business. Transform these spaces into thriving luxurious sanctuaries with the enchanting Calacatta Viola – its stunning patterns evoke relaxation and tranquillity, making it a favourite for marble rending designs in South England.

Practicality of Calacatta Viola Marble: Performance and Maintenance 

Beauty and performance go hand-in-hand with Calacatta Viola. While it adorns your home and business spaces, it also offers excellent resistance to heat and pressure, making it an excellent material of choice for busy spaces. The maintenance requirement is minimal, only demanding regular sealing to retain its charm for years. 

Calacatta Vagli Oro Marble, with its elegant golden veins and cool grey undertones, offers an unmatched elegance that can transform any living space into a piece of art.

Besides its breathtaking beauty, Calacatta Vagli Oro Marble is renowned for its durability and resistance to heat and scratches. Making it an exceptional choice for high-trafficked areas, such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and commercial spaces like restaurants and delicatessens. 

Vagli Oro: Distinct Additions to Interior Design 

This singular marble isn’t just a bland slab but exhibits a unique blend of white and smoky grey with subtle gold streaks. Its distinct characteristics make it a coveted choice for interior designers and homeowners desiring a touch of luxury while maintaining practical functionality. 

Calacatta Vagli Oro Marble in Commercial Spaces 

From top-tier restaurants and cosy pubs to sophisticated delicatessens, the Calacatta Vagli Oro Marble is a versatile option that infuses elegance into any interior. Its resistance to high temperatures and easy-to-clean surface makes it a preferred marble worktop for commercial venues. 

Calacatta Vagli Oro Marble Care and Maintenance 

Taking care of Calacatta Vagli Oro Marble is straightforward. Regular cleaning with a mild solution while avoiding harsh chemicals is recommended. Sealing it annually also extends its lifespan and sustains its pristine look. 

User Experiences with Calacatta Vagli Oro Marble 

‘The Timeless Elegance’ Sophia Maiman vividly recalls, “Calacatta Vagli Oro Marble added an unmatched aesthetic appeal to a wall in a behind a bar countertop. Its maintenance is easy, and we love the premium look it brings to our cafe. We had an overwhelming response from customers who appreciate the chic ambiance that the marble gives our coffee shop. It’s practical, durable, and absolutely gorgeous.”

Sophia Maiman

Cost Considerations, Common Issues, Sustainability, and Installation Tips:

While the various marble types mentioned above have unique appeals, there are some general things that everyone considering marble should be aware of.

Whether it’s homeowners looking for a touch of elegance, architects striving for a unique aesthetic, or restaurant owners trying to create a captivating atmosphere, understanding the points below can help everyone make an informed decision. 

The Attraction of Marble 

Calacatta, Arabescato, and Rose are more than just names and trending marble designs. They are symbols of timeless elegance exuded by marble. The charm of marble doesn’t stop at aesthetics – its durability and ease of maintenance make it a top choice for those seeking beauty and practicality.

What to Know About Marble Worktops 

Before installing that Arabescato marble kitchen worktop or Calacatta Macchia Vecchia marble bathroom vanity, there are specific vital points to consider. Understanding these can make your journey into the marble world an enjoyable one. 

  1. The Origin of Your Marble: Different regions produce distinctive patterns and colours of marble. For instance, the Arabescato Rose is from the Apuan region in Italy, known for its bold veining contrasted with a soft pink hue.
  2. Understanding the Cost: Marbles like Calacatta Viola or Arabescato can have a hefty price tag. This is generally due to their limited availability and unique veining.
  3. On-going Maintenance: While marble is durable, it does need regular sealing to maintain its shine and prevent staining.
  4. Suitability for Use: Certain marbles, like Cippolino Verde, may be better for floor applications than countertops due to their unique linear movement.
  5. Bespoke Options: Marbles such as Calacatta Vagli Oro are relatively neutral in tone, allowing them to be customised with several tints while maintaining a desired balance of hues.
Marble Type
Reasons to Choose
Common ApplicationsPrice Range
Arabescato MarbleTimeless AppealWorktops, Walls, Floors£££££
Arabescato Rose MarbleExotic AffordabilityBathroom walls, Countertops, Vanities£££££
Calacatta Macchia Vecchia MarbleExclusivityKitchen splashbacks, bathroom walls, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds£££££
Cippolino Verde MarbleExotic LookKitchen splashbacks, bathroom walls, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds£££££
Calacatta Viola MarbleVibrant ColoursKitchen worktops, bathrooms, bedroom walls, reception desks, console tables£££££
Calacatta Vagli Oro MarblePremium FeelBathroom walls, vanities, shelves, splashbacks, commercial projects£££££

What unique trending marble designs are used in restaurant interiors?

Regarding restaurant design, Arabescato and Calacatta Macchia Vecchia marble are up there as favourite materials of choice due to their sheer elegance, durability, and natural beauty that cannot be duplicated.

Different types of marble offer a unique aesthetic charm, altering the ambience of any interior space. Unsurprisingly, many of our six chosen marbles frequently grace the interiors of dining establishments.

Restaurant owners and architects also appreciate marble’s hygiene qualities, smooth surface, and natural heat resistance–all critical factors in a bustling restaurant kitchen. So next time you dine out, take a moment to admire the complex beauty of the marble around you–it does a lot more than serve as a base for your meal.

As the saying goes, the devil lies within the details. When selecting your marble, understanding the subtleties of each material can guide you towards the perfect choice. 


In closing, with so many exquisite marbles out there, it’s all about appreciating the distinct characteristics each one possesses. Whether you’re crafting a sophisticated kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, or a high-end restaurant space, using material as versatile as marble can be a game-changer.

Each piece, whether Arabescato, Arabescato Rose, Calacatta Macchia Vecchia, Cippolino Verde, Calacatta Viola, or Calacatta Vagli Oro Marble, tells a unique story. Uncover that story; you will find a beautiful surface and timeless masterpiece in your design projects.

Watch the captivating story in our YouTube video:

Q: What makes Arabescato Marble stand out?

Answer: Arabescato Marble’s elegant white backdrop with striking grey-to-black vein patterns is distinctive and charming. It is versatile and enhances kitchens and bathrooms, offering high durability and minimal maintenance.

Q: How do I choose the suitable marble for my kitchen worktop?

Answer: Consider factors like the marble type (Arabescato, Calacatta, etc.), origin, liquid absorption rate, colour, and suitability for kitchen use.

Q: Can I use Arabescato Rose Marble in a small bathroom to create a spacious feel?

Answer: Yes, Pink marble such as Arabescato Rose can make a small bathroom feel spacious and luxurious for vanity tops or wall claddings.

Q: Where is Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Marble commonly used?
Answer: Calacatta Macchia Vecchia is used for kitchen worktops, bathroom walls, restaurant interiors, and pub counters. Its unique mix of warm white with subtle greys and gold makes a statement.

Q: Can Cippolino Verde Marble be used in outdoor spaces?
Answer: Yes, Cippolino Verde Marble is suitable for outdoor spaces, adding elegance to furniture, wall art, and garden features. Its unique green veins provide a calming and sophisticated touch.

Q: What are the practical benefits of Calacatta Viola Marble?
Answer: Calacatta Viola Marble is perfect for bespoke kitchen worktops and restaurant countertops. Its bold, purple veining against a white base adds drama and requires minimal maintenance.


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